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Kit Kat Advert.

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Kit Kat Advert The advert that I am going to analyse this morning is the Kit Kat advert. I will now show you the advert (play the advert). The reason why I decided to choose this advert was because lots of famous people were in it and I found the advert very funny. This was because each of the characters was doing the exact opposite of what they normally do in their job hence 'Have a Break', which is the Kit Kat slogan. These included Roy Keane known as one of the hardest man in football embroidering, comedian Mel Smith getting into shape, Kelly Brook rejecting a dress because it is too revealing, Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen having a number one all over, 'funny man' Bernard Manning doing the washing up and inviting the mother-in-law for dinner and heavy metal playing Lemmy playing the violin. ...read more.


play in are white and the top is red which is exactly the same as the Kit Kat slogan having the shorts in the background to make the top to stand out. The exact same thing happens in the scene when you see Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen wearing red clothes with the hairdresser in the background wearing white clothes. The music that they use runs straight through the advert. The music is quite effective because when you hear the music you think that a posh violinist is playing but at the end of the advert you find out that Heavy metal Lemmy is playing the violin and of all the scenes that you see you will be most surprised to see a Heavy metal player playing the violin. ...read more.


This is because the producers want to take advantage that the famous footballer is a person that most people would have known after watching a football programme; this would have made people talk about him and Kit Kats amongst their friends. I will now show you the advert again and you will be able to see how much they use the colour white and red in each scene to represent Kit Kats slogan. The overall message is whatever job you do you should always 'Have a Break' and eat a Kit Kat. So from being a footballer to being a model there are always things that you can do to 'Have a Break'. The producers have shown stereotypical people relaxing in a totally opposite way the viewer would relate with the character hence 'Have a Break' the Kit Kats slogan. ...read more.

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