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Knowledge and Understanding-Pop Music

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Knowledge and Understanding -Pop Music Pop music means popular music, the common use of pop is light and catchy with a good beat. This beat is usually 120 beats per minute. The target audience is teenagers and young adults; there are also some types of pop for younger children especially girls. My favourite type of genre is club; it always has a good rhythm and beat, it is also good to dance to. Here are some other popular genres: Rhythm + Blues Club Alternative Urban Rock Rock Punk Drum + Bass Gothic Rap Reggae Indie Dance Rave Grime Garage Country + Western Jazz Folk Blues Spiritual/Gospel Metal Swing Techno Trance Pop Rap metal Soul Electronica World Acid Disco Genre Target Audience Characteristics Heavy Rock Mainly males of all ages, but mainly the older generation Guitar ...read more.


Rock takes its influences from Blues, Rock and Roll and the improvisation seen in Jazz. Here is a timeline showing how pop music developed over the 20th century to the 21st century. To make a good pop song it needs to have a hook. A hook makes it catchy and easily remembered so people are likely to go out and but the CD or download the track. It must have killer riffs, which are a sequence of notes repeated over again, for example the bass riff in Thriller. The melody must be simple, pop songs only tend to use a range of five notes, this is because most of the singers these days do not have a good range in their voices, also if the audience are able to remember and sing the tune themselves then they are more likely to enjoy it more. ...read more.


Also having a bridge is a good way to catch people's attention. A bridge is an instrumental break, known as a middle 8, which is 8 bars. The lyrics must deal with real live situations or things that people are interested in. The language must be simple and express an emotion or story. A good example of this is "Going Underground" by Paul Weller: The Clash. Pop songs can define times in your life. Lilly Allen and the Artic Monkeys are the present writers for today capturing the British Life. Restative is now a popular way of writing, this is where there is one single chord played and lots of lyrics are sung over the top of it. Another is "Rhyme within Line" such as hip hop structure. It uses word play and packed in formation. Using nonsense words like "La la la" by Kylie in "Can't Get You Out Of My Head". ...read more.

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