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Language Analysis

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Language Analysis Text 1 An extract from chapter 18, 'Population, health and ageing.' By Anthony Giddens (London Polity Press, 1993, pp. 602 - 605.) This is a purely academic text. Its main aim is to inform and educate its audience. To achieve this he employed features that are typical of academic writing. The sentences are straight to the topic. He also employed sequential development of the theme of the essay, leading his audience through the history of health and illness. The references to different curative measures and the different stages of development were for the purpose of emphasis. He used words that are relevant such as 'medical diagnosis.', 'medical technology', plague',' infectious diseases', 'mortality', 'surgery', 'antibiotics', 'immunisation', etc. The carefully chosen words in the text are to enhance the theme. The target audience are a higher education group of learners. The sentences are regular and conventional. He also employed authentic quotes and references, e.g. he referred to Ayurvedic medicines - traditional healing practiced in India. He also quoted the biomedical model of health. The term used by Ross Hume Hall. The text is very effective. This is due to the careful combination of factors that enhanced the effectiveness. ...read more.


Text 3 Heart and stroke project. Annual report 2004. In context, text 3 is a typical example of annual reports. The paragraphs are short. Facts and figures are presented in simple sentences, e.g. "Manor Gardens started 24 years ago.", ".... Working with zoo people a year." Each short paragraph precisely states the points. Taking in to consideration the different literacy level of different members of the community, the writer adopts general health related diction, e.g. 'nursing', 'health', 'rehabilitation', etc. The audience are members of the community in which the club is located and other interested groups. The structure of the text provides all the information that the audience needed. The purpose for which the text is written is to inform. To do this the writer employed the use of positive sentences. This will effectively delight members of the community Text 4 In Sickness and In Health In context the loud and catchy heading "in sickness and in health." Clearly marks the text. It is the style used by journalists to attract the attention. The text began with a question. This is to keep the reader in suspense which will further hold his attention. ...read more.


The target audience is the very educated members of the society. The text is for people who have the time and ability to analyze situations from information provided. It provides its readers with a compromising view point. It effectively achieved its purpose through the structure, sentences and words used. Similarities and differences. A careful analysis of all the six text has brought out the similarities and differences of them all. Although they have the same theme their approaches and methods differ. Journalist follows conventions which are particular to them. Their headlines are usually catchy and misleading e.g. 'in sickness and ini health.' The above heading is an advert for health course. Dictions are chosen from a range of words with the intent to play on the emotions of the readers. Some journalistic text do not follow the standard rules of grammar. The aim is to achieve as much sensationas possible. A carefree selection of words that will enhance the persuasive intent of journalistic text are widely used. On the other hand, academic text is aimed at educating its readers. Estract from Anthony Gidden 'Health - a sociological view' is an example of academic text. It portrays characteristics that are particular to academic writing. Its aim is for a long term acquisition of knowledge. Its methods of imparting knowledge are analytical and factual. It usually adopts an objective view of its topic. ...read more.

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