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Levi's 501 Jeans.

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Levi's 501 Jeans The 501 are a genuinely unique product, first manufactures in 1873 in San Francisco and are unchanged to this day. The 501 Jeans are timeless, well designed, functional, adaptable and classic. Traditionally Levi's were worn as hardwearing trousers for working men. Cowboys and Californian farmworkers throughout the century wore them. In the 1950s Levi's meant jeans and jeans meant youth. Levi's were associated with the youth culture of sex, rebellion and heroism. Popular heroes of the youth culture such as Elvis Pressley and James Dean represented this at the time in America. It was also the time of 57 Chevrolet. This fifties look and a fascination with and worship of an American of the past of wide open spaces, cowboys, freedom are what the advertisers drew upon to raise the popularity of the jeans in the 1980s. ...read more.


It was crucial that they become an exciting commodity. The general and common theme of the adverts that I saw had sex appeal with young attractive male models. The models were either dressing or undressing. While dressing or undressing there are shots of the male models underwear. Other common themes for the adverts are romance and sexual relationships. The common characters are young attractive male models. The storylines are to do with the youth culture- sex, romance and rebellion. The soundtracks for each advert are the hit song of the time the advert was made. There is American culture and the way of life in American at the time in each advert. The soundtracks were all popular rock or classic song of the time. ...read more.


The advert with the male model who is getting changed, there is a shots of him in a pair of 501's and the top of underwear showing with nothing else on. The male model has a perfect 6pac with young male with think that Levi's will give you a perfect figure and give you sex appeal towards females. In the second one you have a man who is about between 30-40 who looks like a businessman. He travels into Russia by train and when he gets to his stop soldiers then search him. They don't find the 501's so he successfully smuggled in the jeans to communist Russia. I think the adverts have achieved the aim as the adverts each give you a different feel whether its if you wear 501's your pull any girl or if its if you wear them you will have freedom and be part of the youth culture. ...read more.

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