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Levis Jeans

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Levis Jeans English Media I have been given the task to analyse the adverts on Levis jeans: When Levis were first brought out, their audience was youths, teenagers or young adults. Though as time went one the young generations that brought it gradually grew older and had kids. With losing its youth market, Levis needed and new idea to bring back what it used to be. Their idea was to recreate their original reputation in the 1950's for the new and up coming generation. The 1950's Levis brand was renowned for its strong hardwearing fabric with its original design and cutting looks. But more then anything, its American-ness. Their jeans were not just any old jeans, they were stylish, classic and above anything else, they were Levis. They represented rebellion, individuality and of course, youth. Levis new advertising campaign introduced a creative new idea to the spectrum, involving a man and a woman recreating the impressions of the 1950's America. ...read more.


This song was chosen very well as it fit very well with the action in the commercial. In this commercial the male character enters via the lift on a motor bike looking 'cool' and showing connotations of being a bit of what the Americans liked to stereotype as 'Hells Angles' He pulls up alongside a female looking very sophisticated and very business like. He hands her a brown parcel with a piece of string wrapped round it which she eventually opens to be revealed as a pair of nothing other than Levis 501's. She then goes to put them on. After that she takes out her hair band which holds her hair into a ponytail and mounts the bike. Then being very American, the commercial ends with the couple driving of into the sun set happily. The slogan says The Original Workwear and the famous red logo is displayed. To get the males into Levis that had to get them to look in control and to be 'the leader' of the situation. ...read more.


The music that is played while the advert is playing is "Heard it on the grapevine" which is how gossip is often referred to and suggests that there is something to talk and gossip about. This is a good way of getting sales in because it makes people look up to the guy as in "he's my idol". The audience are influenced by the adverts that Levis show, it makes the people suggest that if they buy Levis that they will become like the people on T.V, strong, young and handsome. The 'rebel' part of the campaign I think is better in the 1980's then now because it associates its self more to the day to day life then now but the advertisement industry grows bigger and bigger and there is more competition. So that means they need to introduce more campaigns to get people motivated and say " I want to buy those jeans" Overall Levis were successful in showing that they could stand out from the normal crowd of jeans and that they were something other people weren't. April Andjelic ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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