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Linsay Lohan Picture Analysis

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Picture Analysis of Lindsay Lohan. This picture is a constructed, posed picture of Lindsay Lohan that would be seen in a celebrity gossip magazine such as Grazia or Heat. It is a long and straight angled shot that has Lindsay in the foreground and centre, which shows her importance. You can clearly see her and what she is wearing and the background advertisements do not detract attention from her but show it is a well known event, maybe a premier or an GQ organized occasion. ...read more.


She is not holding back, she seems very confident, showing herself off but relaxed. Her face does not show much emotion, she is pouting which shows confidence and add sexiness to appeal to make audience. One of her legs is slightly in front of the other with her hands on hips and her shoulders are back which shows she is well brought up and has good posture this accentuates her cleavage and shows off her perfect figure that's she is proud of and worked hard for which makes her sexually attractive. ...read more.


The dress has a good cut and looks designer. She has teamed it with a wrap that adds class and practibility. Her make up enhances her natural beauty with Smokey eyes and flawless skin, this makes the audience think that she is perfect and people look up to her. Her jewellery is understated but consists on expensive jewels such as diamonds and white gold, suggesting wealth. This picture makes the audience envy and admire her. It also makes the audience see that she is social and popular, like everyone wants to be friends with her. She seems like someone who cares about herself and cares about what she looks like. In this photo Lindsay Lohan looks worthy of having her photo taken. ...read more.

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