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GCSE: Marketing

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  1. Advertising is necessary to let us know what is new.

    Another example of this is Persil, the same product over and over again renamed and given a new advert telling us it removes stains better than before does not make it new, just telling you it's still out to buy. It is also repetitive and is shown often so you are not informed that it is new, because you have already seen the advert. So adverts do not just tell us what is new, they also tell us products are still out to buy if we need them.

    • Word count: 9258
  2. Marketing strategy for my product from the Steiff bear company.

    To do this I will need to clarify the principles of marketing, which are: * Customer needs * Competitors * Communication * Co-ordinate the functions of the company * Aware of constraints on the marketing activities There is a graph/table, which shows the lifeline of my product it is the called the product life cycle. This is what the product life cycle looks like and the red line indicates the Steiff bears product, which I have chosen. GOOD INTRODUCTION GROWTH MATURITY DECLINE BAD PRICE Price will be shown through my strategy of advertising with promotion and this will also attract more customers because prices will be shown making it easier for the customer to make a choice.

    • Word count: 6244
  3. Produce an imaginary business. To do this I must research into all aspects of a business, using books, people, and computer resources. To help me do this I will create action plans that I will evaluate and redesign as I proceed during the project.

    what is a market? A market is where the sellers meet the buyers to exchange money for a product of service. The term "market" is actually used to describe the people whom the product is sold to. This does not always involve face-to-face selling; it could sell over the television. For a shop there can be different markets, e.g. domestic, and business. My market- my market is going to electrical goods sold to domestic customers. Product-oriented vs. Market-oriented business a product-oriented business is when the product is produced first, then a market is found.

    • Word count: 8185
  4. “Orange Tango” Advert Analysis

    Advertising can be found almost anywhere. Just walking down the street, it's in shop windows, bus shelters, hoardings and phone boxes. Also the radio is an extremely good way to advertise as most people listen to the radio at least three or four times a week. When products are advertised on the radio, as there are no visual aids for people to remember, advertisers tend to add a jingle at the end. A jingle is like a slogan but it is edited into a short catchy piece of music so that it will stay in the minds of the public.

    • Word count: 3246
  5. Setting up a shop in York

    We will do this making sure that our prices are competitive. We will have a range of different sportswear and products that are not sold in many of York's shops. I think that this is an advantage because there will little competition. Although other sports shops in York are well established our advertising campaign should see us through by attracting new customers. Our marketing needs to be targeted carefully. As I have said previously, we will be using newspaper mainly due to the "coffee table" effect.

    • Word count: 5223
  6. Advertising an Essay On Advertising, With Special Emphasis On the Language Used.

    That they will buy products that will benefit the environment. This group is generally teachers or otherwise well educated people. INDIVIDUALS:- Not everyone will fit into the above groups and are then labelled individuals. Some people go out of their way to be themselves. Advertisers also appeal to these people, although they are individuals, but promoting the product as "off-beat". Advertisers use all sorts of techniques to make their adverts and products to stand out from the rest. Bright colours, and bold writing and statements are often used to draw attention.

    • Word count: 3040
  7. Investigation of How Women are Represented in the Media

    Case studies would also be of no use, as I am working with facts to produce my results, not people's lives or opinions. I will use similar investigations in my analysis anyway, to compare and contrast my study with others like it. The problem with secondary information is that articles, papers and books on this subject tend to be written from a certain point of view, and so I will have to ensure I remain unbiased by the author's viewpoint if I am to look at the subject objectively.

    • Word count: 3966
  8. Gender in the Media

    My overall aim for this research is to investigate the extent of the stereotyping of gender in advertising. However, within this overall aim, I have two objectives that I need to achieve in order to complete my study. The first is to investigate how gender advertising works to portray gender. I will achieve this through the use of Content Analysis. I chose this objective because by looking at particular types of advertising instead of advertising in general, I will be able to look at their specific differences, if any.

    • Word count: 8927
  9. Examine the language used in the two magazine advertisements. ‘Immac’ is taken from ‘Cosmopolitan’, a monthly magazine aimed at woman and ‘Clinique’ is taken from ‘GQ’, a magazine aimed at men.

    It is quite large, in a font that is easy on the eye, in italics, and is very clear. At the bottom of the page there is the full name of the product. It is all in capitals, again in italics, fairly big, but not as big as the selling line at the top of the page, and well spaced. The word 'Immac' is given in a different font to the rest of the line and is shown exactly as it appears on its product. This helps it standout a lot more. The third and final section of text is the main text of the advert.

    • Word count: 3325

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