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Mass media also shows us what kind of society we live within. Television is the biggest type of media as nearly everyone owns or views a television

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Media Essay Media affects and influences the nation and the world through many different ways. Mass media is a name given to organisations that communicate to our society this includes' television, radio, newspapers, magazines, advertising and the internet. Mass media also shows us what kind of society we live within. Television is the biggest type of media as nearly everyone owns or views a television. Within recent years television media has dramatically increased following the expansion of channels. This means that television now appeals to a wider audience. From soaps, like Coronation Street, to documentaries, like a day to remember, there's something for all ages and makes it hard for people not to get infected by this contagious disease. Some people might argue that television is a waste of time that could be better spent or that it displaces the brain of useful information, when in fact these people are mistaken. With televisions powerful documentaries it encourages everyone to take an interest in something and to learn about a passion or maybe teach them how to carry out a dream. ...read more.


This is because advertisements appear in every single type of other media, therefore making advertisements are an essential way for people to 'advertise', or make known, their products. A good example of this is in magazines, in many teenage magazines feature life stories, surveys/questionnaires, celebrity interviews etc, however the person that has purchased this magazine doesn't realise that by simply reading the magazine they are being secretly influenced to spend their money on, most often unnecessary, items. For example the teenage magazine Bliss they have pages featuring models styling the latest fashion in clothes therefore advertising to the reader the clothing, but also at the same time encouraging the reader to purchase clothes. This is an extreme type of advertising. Advertising doesn't just feature in magazines though. It also plays an important role in television whether it's just advertising a television program or a cosmetic product. Advertising is found in every other type of 'mass media'. All advertising in Britain is controlled by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA). ...read more.


As the years go by I'm sure we types of media will be discovered and old types of media will be over used and over exposed then ever before. Film Review - Pride and Prejudice Directed by Joe Wright Starring: * Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet * Matthew MacFadyen as Mr Darcy * Brenda Blethyn as Mrs Bennet * Donald Sutherland as Mr Bennet * Tom Hollander as Mr Collins * Jena Malone as Lydia Bennet * Judi Dench as Lady Catherine de Bourg Based on Jane Austen's beloved novel the classic tale of love and life among an English family during the Georgian era. The five Bennet sisters, including Elizabeth and Lydia, have all been raised by their mother with one goal in life. To find a husband. This is because if Mr Bennet dies their house will be inherited by a distant cousin whom they have never met. Life is uneventful until the arrival in the neighbourhood of the rich gentleman Mr Bingley. He brings long with him his two sisters and the very proud Mr Darcy. Love is soon in the air. ...read more.

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