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McDonalds Media Coursework

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English The aim of this assignment is to take a look at the hugely successful media campaign launched by McDonalds in the UK in 1974. We will be considering the techniques employed by 'maccy dees' We will be studying the use of language, illustrations and graphics. We will also be taking a look at the demographic profiling. Many of McDonald's successful advertisements are aimed at children for one reason. Pester Power- by targeting children in their media campaigns, McDonalds are able to "get children on their side." The kids nag until they get what they want, in this case, a McDonalds. When McDonalds first commenced their media campaign it was the brightly coloured happy figure of Ronald McDonald, this was done in cartoon form and showed Ronald successfully combating his enemies, 'the hamburglers'. This in effect was saying that only McDonalds are the real thing and so putting down other burger establishments such as Wimpy. The adverts were shown in the breaks between children's television programmes, thus ensuring target audience saturation. The wording used in the adverts is carefully orchestrated and always very emotive, the McDonalds logo of 'I'm lovin' it', children don't just get a meal in a box, they get a 'happy meal' therefore implying that McDonalds is a fun place to be, Interesting to note is that Ronald McDonald is obviously an adult male. ...read more.


In 2004 A documentary was made by Morgan Spurlock which was called 'supersize me'. This was an experiment to see just how much weight would be gained and how detrimental to his health it would be if the reporter ate only McDonalds for a period of one month or 31 days. In 2007 two American women went to the high court and launched an unsuccessful lawsuit against McDonalds claiming that it was their fault they were obese. Obviously the media were quick to report this and as such lots of debates followed, some making fun and some taking it seriously. What this did is to catapult the growing concern of obesity, childhood obesity included into the headlines. The instantaneous response from McDonalds was a change in their offering with the Happy meal with which they released adverts regarding fruit bags and milk and extolling the virtues of five fruit and veg a day and how good calcium is. With the adult population they marketed the mcsalad as a healthy alternative to the burger and fries. They also went as far as to advertise the fact that they were changing the food wrappings to help weight control by adding calorific values along with saturated fat content for all to see and read. This, in a round about way was saying that people had a choice to eat healthy but they could still eat healthy at McDonalds. ...read more.


On the McDonalds website they are advertising they have opened a restaurant in a bowling alley and have more plans to open outlets in supermarkets. They cover every possible market place from business people with the convenience of the 'drive thru' so people can eat in their car without having to stop any length of time for lunch. With the teenage market that frequent entertainment parks for the cinemas and other attractions, they market their food at incredibly low prices with poundsaver menus which makes it affordable for pocket money, as if this wasn't attractive enough for teenagers and business people alike, they advertise free wireless connection to the internet. Families with young children who enjoy the facilities of shopping areas or large supermarkets, such as the convenient free parking and everything under one roof or in one area, to them McDonalds can be a way of treating the youngsters for good behaviour, again the prices are kept low enough for everyone's budget, a happy meal costs as little as �1.99 so parents wouldn't think twice about buying them. Obviously food shopping is a necessity and cannot be undertaken usually without taking pre-school children with them and the well known big yellow arches are visible from miles away. With the high saturation of McDonalds in tourist areas such as London, they are aiming at the tourists themselves who feel comfortable eating something they know or ordering something they understand. It's the equivalent to a universal language. McDonalds cannot be escaped from. ...read more.

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