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Media Analysing the Fellowship of the Ring

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GCSE English Coursework Assignment Media This essay will analyse the techniques used to build tension and create a sense of danger in the extract from J.R.R Tolkien's 'Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring'. It was released in 2001 and was the first of the trilogy; directed by Peter Jackson; this film alone made a massive �443,655,880 worldwide. Set in New Zealand, this epic tale is about a group of young hobbits that are burdened with a powerful unique evil ring. They must embark on a dangerous quest to destroy the one ring once and for all. During this essay I will also be looking if the director was successful in creating empathy with the hobbits. During the introduction of Weather Top Peter Jackson uses different camera angles to create empathy with the hobbits: First of all the wide-angle shot shows us Weather Top and its surroundings. Among the trees and hills this deserted man made tower is left isolated in the middle of nowhere. This tells us that the hobbits and Aragorn are there all alone therefore creating empathy for them and a sense of mystery. The Medium shot focuses on Aragorn standing in front of the background that shows black clouds swarming in towards Weather Top, this is suggesting that evil is coming. ...read more.


Both the audience and characters can hear it. These are sounds such as characters speeches or weather noise. In the scene where the hobbits and Aragorn make camp at Weather Top Aragorn tells the hobbits what to do; this shows authority so both the hobbits and the audience know that Aragorn is an important person. Sound effects are there to add a sense of realism such as when Frodo wakes up in the cave on Weather Top he can hear the fire crackling. Sound effects can also tell us certain things such as when the Ringwraiths are fighting the hobbits on top of Weather Top you can hear the swords hitting each other a couple of times before seeing the hobbits swept effortlessly aside; this tells us that the hobbits are not skilled with a sword. In Aragorns' case you can hear the swords clanging and hitting each other quite a few times before he defeats the Ringwraiths so this tells us that Aragorn is skilled with a sword. To add a sense of realism and to make the movie more interesting the director uses special effects such as: computer generated effects, pyrotechnics and stunt fighting: Computer generated effects are used to make the movie more interesting to watch; these are effects that you could not do without the use of a computer. ...read more.


Aragorn and the hobbits wear cloaks and travelling clothes as they are travelling to Rivendell to seek help. The clothes that the characters wear also tells us what era the movie is set in, from the clothes that they are wearing we can tell it is not set in modern times but set in an sort of medieval fantasy land. Last but not least is the way the director uses lighting to create tension and certain moods. When the Ringwraiths surround Weather top the lighting is dark and gloomy to represent that the hobbits are surrounded by these evil creatures and that they are in danger. Therefore this creates empathy for the hobbits, as we feel scared for them. Peter Jackson portrays everything how he wants us to see it. He uses every single one of these techniques in a unique way to influence us into empathising with the hobbits or to create other emotions. In the Weather Top scene he portrays the Ringwraiths as being powerful evil characters and in contrast he portrays the hobbits as good characters overpowered and outnumbered by the terrifying Ringwraiths. Peter Jackson portrays the characters like this so we empathise with the hobbits as we are on their side. So I think that Peter Jackson is successful in making the audience empathise with the hobbits. ...read more.

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