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Media Course Work "In the Nick of Time".

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Media Course Work "In the Nick of Time" Why have V.W. Audi created this advertisement to sell their cars? "Advertising" is making a product or service known to the public. One can advertise on television, radio and billboards. Advertising on television and radio reaches mass audiences. A common advertising technique is to have a short simple catchphrase, often put to a tune which is very catchy, so that people remember the product. When advertising on billboards it's a good idea not to have too complex an advert so that it can be remembered and digested in a second. Advertisers direct their advert at a target audience. A target audience is the group of consumers an advert is aimed at. Every aspect of an advert is tailored to appeal to the target audience. One way of making sure the advert reaches the right audience is to air them at different times; for instance adverts for toys are aired during the mid-afternoon as this is when children are watching television, having returned from school. The advert "In the Nick of Time" advertises a "new generation" Audi car. It is targeted at a growing, modern, wealthy family. ...read more.


The advert starts with very dramatic music being played by a xylophone and piano. The music enhances the suspense in the advert. The music gets louder just before the speaking starts, which draws our attention to the voice. As the car journey goes on the instrumental music is replaced by opera. The music gives us the idea of someone on a quest; it's the type of music that you might hear in a dramatic war scene during a film. At the end of the advert the music reaches its climax suggests that someone has just achieved a triumph. Then we see the baby and hear it crying. Classical music is used because it's the type of music that we presume the target audience would like to listen to. The voice in the advert is a woman's voice. The introduction of a woman completes the family as previously we have only seen the father and son, and it makes the advert appeal to both genders. As it is a gentle female voice it contrasts with the dramatic music. The audience will therefore seek refuge in the voice. The audience the advert is directed at appears to be middle class and possible privately educated since it uses formal language. ...read more.


However we are relieved to see that what we thought would be tragic turns out to be a moment of joy. This manipulation of our emotions ensures our enjoyment of the advert, as it is common to revel in a "happy ending." I think the advertisers would have screened the advert late at evening as this is when the middle-aged target audience, home from work, would be relaxing at the end of the day. I expect the advert to have been successful as the makers of the advert had taken great care in making sure that every aspect of the advert appealed to the target audience, from the type of music played in the background to the scenery shown, the size of house, the location of the advert. Lots of shots of the car were shown to demonstrate its safety features and how spacious it was for the growing family and even the type of clothes worn were selected carefully to match those that the target audience would wear. It is a very effective advert as the suspenseful narrative will ensure continued watching and make the advert memorable and the multi -layers of the advert appeal to the educated members of the audience. ...read more.

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