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Media Coursework - comparison of 2 advertisments

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Media Coursework I am going to be looking at the logos, slogans, the target audience of the advert and selling techniques that the advert uses. I m using a David Beckham Fragrance 'intimately BECKHAM' (Advert 1) and 'elixir MISS SIXTY' the fragrance potion.'(Advert 2) I would say the Advert 1 is for 18-30 year old males and females that want to act/be older also some teenagers. Surprisingly this advert is in a teen/kid magazine 'Miss'. Which means this advert is trying to get younger people to buy the product because as they see in the picture David Beckham holding Victoria in a sexy pose which will make people who use it feel older and better looking if they use the fragrance. Advert 2 I would say also tries to get 18-30 year old Females to get the fragrance but maybe more wild yet more earning women as this advert is in 'New Woman' magazine which is well written and expensive. Selling techniques are things like logos, slogans things to get your attention and make you memorise the advert so when you see it you'll have a picture or a jingle in your head. ...read more.


A logo is a Picture/Signature of the company they are used to show that the product is their own and to make sure people don't get mixed up with other products advertisers who use them. The logo for Advert 1 is D mirrored and has intimately BECKHAM under it. Advert 2 is elixir Miss Sixty in pink to make it a feminine thing. This is written boldly and stands out pretty well. It relates it to the product by saying its brand and what fragrance it is. This I would say is effective as it says the brand name without it people might buy other fragrances. If the logo wasn't there they other brands that are not the brand that advertise it could make a look alike of it to sell their own product, like Red Bull lots of other companies make copies of it like 'Blue Bolt' , Red Roster'. The picture in Advert 1 is him and Victoria together and his arm on her bum. In Advert 2, they have Asia Argento and they made her look like a rebel. ...read more.


This picture usually shows the product or the Target audience. The adverts use BOLD writing to catch the attention then the stuff that has to be on the advert but not important to actually advertise the product like the terms and conditions, the price they are usually written in small writing. I would use more standing out pictures and writing on Advert 1 and maybe use a Slogan to get the reader memorising the advert. This would work because the advert would be memorised until the reader is in a shop and sees the product. For Advert 2 I would maybe put more information on it otherwise it is pretty good. Give more information because as this advert is in a magazine the readers would have more time to read it. I would say the Advert 2 is more effective as it stands out from the crowd using its Pink colour and BOLD writing also the way that it uses thorns to bring it more to nature and make it more of a rebel style which will attract more buyers that want to be a rebel. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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