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Media Coursework - Film.

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Media Coursework - Film. Nicola Day 10G Section 1 Films are marketed in many different ways. One of the main needs a film has, after it has been made, is certification. 'U' means universal and anyone can watch a film with that certification. 'PG' means parental guidance and anyone can watch that film but children have to be accompanied, or have the permission of an adult. For films with age certifications (12, 15 and 18), you have to be that particular age or above that particular age to watch it, e.g. for a film with the certification of '12', you would have to be 12 or over to watch it. ...read more.


'Elf', a Christmas film, was released on 28th November 2003, ready for Christmas, as are most Christmas films. Different films are distributed fairly evenly throughout the year. The big 'blockbuster' films are never released on the same day, or too near to each other because they'd achieve less of an audience and would gain less money. Genre expectations table: Genre Typical setting Typical characters Typical plot Typical props Typical theme Examples. Romantic comedy. Restaurants, parties, etc. Young man, young woman. They meet, hate each other, coincidences throw them together. Wine, roses, chocolates. Love never runs smooth. Love actually, two weeks notice. Thriller. Dark woods, or maybe an ordinary situation. ...read more.


Good overcomes evil. Young guns, Wild Wild West. Films are advertised in many different forms. These ways of advertisement can be television trailers. Television trailers are where short film clips are put together with voiceovers and music, (maybe music from the film). A negative point about trailers is that they sometimes reveal too much of the film. Another way of advertising films is film posters. Film posters are very clever because they display the main concept of the film in one image. Film posters include their biggest stars for box office draw and the more famous actors/tresses are situated in the top left corner of the poster or the middle, which is believed to be where the eye is drawn. Film posters usually include tag lines which intrigue viewers. Here are some examples of box office draw and tag lines: ...read more.

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