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media coursework on 3 advertisements

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English Language Media Coursework (For Mrs Knell / Mrs Constanti) Best Copy By Dan Forsdyke We have been studying advertising and we have been looking at different techniques at how advertisers sell there product. There are a few famous techniques I will talk about some of them. There is the technique of repetition which 1 of the adverts below use, standing out colours as do some of the adverts chosen. In this coursework I will be showing you the techniques that each advert use, the way they use Celebes and/or models. I will also say what the anchorage is in each advert, But not forgetting the target audience. I will be talking about 5 adverts which are: a retiring advert two fragrances - crave - Calvin Klein and Irresistible - Givenchy and two mobile phones adverts one being the new iPhone and the LG Chocolate. First I will be starting off with the retirement advert. On the retiring advert "your pension and other benefits". They are stereotyping the old man in the picture... for example old fashioned table and the chair, the man is wrinkly, white hair, balding, glasses, slippers I could go on. These are all old things. This emphasises the fact that the man is old, like a 60-65 year old about to retiring but, in this advert they are using an older man aged at about 70-75 years old. ...read more.


What this does to an advert is that it makes the product they are selling stand out even more because of the colours, sounds simple. When people look at this advert they will want to have this lifestyle and sex appeal as the man in the advert has, he is up to date with technology as we can see in the background and he can see there is an implied relationship I the advert of the male we could guess that he is having a sexual relationship because of this fragrance, the name "crave" this suggests that the scent will make you craved by woman, get the scent - get the lifestyle. Woman could also buy this for there man and give him a sex appeal. The anchorage words for this advert are "crave" "scent" and "Calvin Klein". In this advert they use a technique, this is a repetition technique they way they use it is as a sexy more of a chat up way "very elegant, very fun, very you" they have used very 3 times another technique is that the picture is that the picture is like a playful and sexy woman is in black and white, which we see as du;; but this elegant and fun fragrance is in a bright pink colour to help the product stand like they used in the Calvin Klein advert, but in this advert as it is a woman's fragrance they have choose to use a girlish colour-pink. ...read more.


In this advert I can only see 1 technique used which colours is standing out it like I have said before it is a well used technique and it works because it grabs the buyer's eyes. This advert is very boring for a teenager because there isn't a lot happening this could give off an impression that the phone is boring as well which isn't good, but the colours used could be seen in that it is an exciting phone it can mislead you in 2 different ways. There are no words so there isn't anchorage. To conclude I am going to say what I have learnt about advertising and advertisers. I will talk about some of their techniques and ways to sell the product. The most effective and most used technique is that they put dark or plain colours in the background they the thing they are selling in bright colours to make it stand out. I didn't know this was a technique before I started to learn about advertisement I now think it is a very useful method for the seller. Out of the 5 adverts the advert I most liked was the Givenchy - Irresistible because when I saw it I noticed the famous actor which is another good technique it worked for me I also liked it because it was a more playful exciting advert got me thinking this advert had the perfect techniques and colours to be a good ad. ...read more.

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