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Media GCSE Evaluation

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Hollywood film Coursework Miss Manders For my film I have chosen the genre of comedy and a sub genre of action because there is a wide selection of films that are very famous, but most of those films have a genre of comedy or action such as Scare face, Terminator, Epic movie, Some like it hot and The God father trilogy. I aimed this film at 17 to 40 year olds because they will most probably have the money to buy D.V.D of my film or will be able to buy a cinema ticket to watch the film, I also aimed it at this age group because they probably have friends and will tell them what a great film it is, this will advertise my film even more. Comedy is a very exciting genre to use because it allows me to go over the boundaries in terms of movie making for example I could have partial nudity. ...read more.


At the end of the film Tupac and Ben stiller realise that now they have defeated the almighty al-powerful chicken sandwich they can now take on even terrifying foes such as day time television and the all too popular Big Brother. I choose the two actors Ben Stiller and Tupac Shakur because Ben Stiller is a famous comedian and I choose Tupac Shakur because everybody would want to watch a blockbuster movie with Tupac Shakur in it. I first thought of the idea when I was sitting in Mc Donald's with my best friend Thomas Moore while I was eating a chicken burger and I pretended to make it talk this gave me the idea for the film, but he said no one would believe that a chicken burger could perform a single sentence let alone be ruler of the World. So I suggested that we could change his name to chicken sandwich because everyone knows that chicken sandwiches have an I.Q of 20 thus making them the highest ranking sandwiches in the World. ...read more.


Action, violence and comedy is what this film is filled with because that's the things people want to see when they go to a cinema, in the film Ben Stiller and Tupac recycle frequently and save energy by walking as much as they can. In the parts of the film where they have to travel long distances they would use they would use they electric car that they wished for from chicken sandwich, I know that people cant actually wish for a economically friendly car but we can be inspired to be better not for ourselves but for the ones we love if we don't try to save lives we are as good as murderers and thieves in the sense that we stole a perfectly good planet and turned it into a land fill site, and murderers in the sense that we are not only killing ourselves but we are killing each other but we are killing the creatures we share this planet with. I hope my film can make a difference where others have failed. Esrael Farrell ...read more.

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