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Media institution essay

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Institution essay Ownership patterns are the media companies that own the product for example the BBC own Radio 4. The BBC usually show educational programs resulting in Radio 4 Offering a wider range of programs going from entertaining to educative, whereas Capital FM who are not owned by a company resulting in Capital FM offering much more entertaining programs rather than educative programs. The Radio industry is divided into two sects, public broadcasting and commercial broadcasting. There are also local and community broadcasters, all companies offer a range of programs varying from entertaining to informative to educational. The programs on offer from each company vary on the type of broadcasters. For example public service broadcasting will offer programs much more educational than commercial broadcasters. ...read more.


Public service broadcasters such as the BBC are paid money from the government. This is done through a license fee such as a TV license that the public have to pay in order to fund public service broadcasters. The government does this to help support and keep running the BBC as it offers a number of educational and helpful programs that many other channels don't provide or offer. These programs are on offer on TV and on Radio; this is why Radio 4 offers many educational and informative programs such as, current affairs news, cultural topics, political debates etc... Radio 4's main purpose is to educate. Commercial broadcasters are not owned by any companies and are not funded by the government through licensed fees; they rely on commercials to fund them through advertisement. ...read more.


The media company can also earn more money whilst keeping their audiences happy and entertained; this can be done through phone ins, competitions, winnings, vox props, etc... The advantages the government can have from ownership of a radio station is that they can earn money through license fees which could then help raise money for other useful causes for example, a program dedicated to death people, where sign language would be used to help young death children learn, or maybe even hospitals and schools. The government also has the advantage of news updates available to the public very quickly, as public service broadcasters have news programs if there is an urgent message it can be read through the radio as well as television. ...read more.

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