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MEDIA MUSIC ASSIGNMENT - Photo Analysis - Madina Lake

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Madina Lake are an American rock/alternative band formed in Chicago in 2005. In this photo, Madina Lake has some very dark, murky colours in the background. Around the edge of the backdrop, it is entirely black. Black connotes that they have a lot of power and aggression in their singing since it is a very dominant colour. Also, it conveys a very sinister mood of sadness and unhappiness. So the colour of black already illustrates the personality of the whole band and what their music is about: powerful and aggressive music and their lyrics are sad and unhappy. As you focus into the centre of the backdrop, the colours shown are dark, murky greys and greens. ...read more.


They are all wearing slightly frayed jeans, showing they are casual and relaxed. Their shirts are smart and well presented; this points out that they also have their formal side to them. This fashion is quite popularly worn by rock bands these days, so this shows that they are your modern, up to date rock band. The lighting in the picture is used quite effectively. It concentrates on the band and gradually fades out around the edge. This is so the audience focuses on the band. As the edge of the picture is in shadow, it gives a feeling that they like to be enclosed by darkness, giving them an aspect of mystery. ...read more.


This fits in with the dark, powerful colours they have used in the photo. To complete the analyses of this photo, Madina Lake are positioned very close to one another, connoting that the band are a very intimately connected group. There facial expressions are quite directed to the audience. The expressions upon their face have a component of seriousness, especially where the eyes are looking directly at the audience to grab attention and give the feeling they are connecting with you, but they have a relaxed body gesture because of their forward lean, open legs and relaxed hand position. This illustrates they can be calm and composed. The fact the band is made of four members gives an advantage, because you can't really have a middle person to lead and dominate the whole band, giving each band member equal values. ...read more.

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