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Media: printed advertising.

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Media: printed advertising Printed advertising is only of various media methods used to help sell or retail a product. Nevertheless, advertising on paper continuously proves to be one of the more successful ways of drawing the public's attention towards something, or more importantly boosting a product's sales. Many things are taken into account when a printed advertisement is still on the drawing board or still actually being thought out, for example, the advertisement must be categorised in order to appeal most to the audience that it is targeting. Media developers also use many different techniques in order to make an advert stand out more or be more effective in delivering its message. For example, areas of a page, which are more effective in capturing a viewer's attention, may be identified and used accordingly by an advertiser, sequentially, to help boost the sales of their merchandise by helping to make the product seem more appealing to the potential buyer. The first advertisement that I will be looking at is for Twix chocolate bars, which dates from two years ago, the second a recent AA advertisement, for car data checks. The purpose of both adverts is obviously to help to boost the sales of its product more, by making the product seem more appealing to likely consumers. The manufacturers may also assist the advert by allocating it where it is more likely to reach broader audiences of its target consumer. I found the Twix chocolate advert in a Playstation magazine and I feel that this fact alone allows the viewer to accurately envisage the audience that the manufacturer is targeting with this product. ...read more.


Aside from this, the couple are also placed much closer together and may continue in their practices without the objections of Norm detracting them from doing so. The AA advertisement differs greatly from the Twix advertisement in terms of its graphology, which to an extent is due to the fact that the adverts have different types of produce to retail and hence, different target audiences and themes. Unlike the Twix advert, the colours used in this are not as vivid and instead of a more illustrative approach to bargaining the viewers' endorsement, this advert, using text and statistics, begins by worrying the reader with alarming facts that could result in the loss of their car and the money that they brought it with. The bold writing at the top of the page would be the first thing to gain the attention of a viewer along with the picture on the left, which after having bee seen may prompt a potential buyer to read the text. The first glance at an advertisement may make the difference between whether or not it is read or its content is realised by a person, and thus whether or not a sale is made. It should follow then that the graphology of an advertisement is thought through warily, and though I think that the graphology of the AA advert is fine, I do not believe that it has achieved its aim better than the Twix advert in this case, seeing that, in my opinion, the advert for the Twix would have succeeded more in gaining the attention of its target audience than the AA advert would have. ...read more.


The Twix advert however contrasts to this and merely has a sentence from Norm being quoted as the main passage from which all else follows. 'Just Aask.' Is the slogan used by the car data check advert, making the AA seem like a helpful organisation and that no bother would occur to the person should they choose to enquire for further information whereas the Twix slogan 'Twix a break from the Norm' is revealed only when the original passage is enshortened as the page is folded in accordance with the instructions given to the viewer. Appealing to the target audiences, which are being aimed at by each advert respectively, is ultimately the goal of both of the adverts that I chose, and indeed, all other advertisements. Overall, I think that both the AA car data check, and the Twix adverts have been well thought through by media advertisers, as I believe that they both target their intent audiences suitably well and that the techniques employed by both of them have objectively been in coordination actively with the aim of boosting product sales. In spite of this fact, I believe that on this occasion the Twix advert targeted its audience better in terms of its content, although I found that the car data check advertisement may have been placed better in terms of its actual allocation. Whilst the Twix advert may not have been encountered by as many of its target audience, I think that proportionally it would have attained more attention from them than the car data check advert would have done due to its more appealing-to-target-audience-features. Adeeb Elhag - 10ss ...read more.

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