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Media production handbook

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Moving Image Production & Employment The Handbook 12/15/2008 Ahmed Adelabu Greedz23 The process of moving image production can be split into three stages. Pre-Production This is the preparatory work, including product development, content research, writing and making plans. Production This stage involves creating the actual content. Post-Production This is the finishing off stage when the material is put together in the way in which audiences will experience it. Pre-production In order for production to take place and an idea to be turned into a finished product, somebody has to finance it. Corporate video producers often respond to requests from companies to create promotional materials for their businesses. All this can only be done once a budget has been worked out based on what it will actually cost to make the product. ...read more.


Under these contracts come many other types TYPE OF CONTRACT TEMPORARY STAFF PERMANENT STAFF FREELANCE VOLUNTEER Paid Medium- to long-term stability Increased choice for worker Greater likelihood of variety Greater opportunities for networking Better holiday entitlement Sick Pay Access to company pension scheme Best chance of trade union assistance Self-employed accounts needed Career development opportunities Good experience for beginners A few methods To find Jobs * Go to a job centre near you and apply for jobs * Get an agent who can advertise and look for jobs for you * Advertise your services personally (posters perhaps) * Look out for job request in newspapers * Search the internet- www.google.co.uk, www.findjobs.co.uk These aren't your only options the best thing is to GET OUT THERE! Production Production may take place in a studio or on location. ...read more.


Producer- plan co-ordinate the various aspects of television such as script Runners- perform odd jobs, carrying messages and getting last-minute items to where they are needed. Warm up guy- a person who warms up the audience by telling them jokes and asking questions. Post-production In this stage different shots are edited together, mistakes are removed, scenes are placed in the correct order, music is added subtitles may be added and for productions with larger budgets special effects and additional language soundtracks are recorded. Then comes marketing. A Few Job Possibilities Editor- Pick the scene which may be wanted then condenses work to fit the designated duration. Music Editor- make sure the music fits the mood and adjust it if it doesn't Musician- makes music that fits the theme of the program for example a theme song to play at the beginning of a show. Foley Artist- create overlay of sound to produce particular effects and mixes. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Audience and Production Analysis section.

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