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Media Representations Of September 11th

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Media Representations Of September 11th Illustrations Tilly Riches October 2001 11th September 2001, a day to remember for all nations of the world, for grief or happiness depending on your relationship with the USA. Four American civilian aeroplanes were hijacked by terrorists and were crashed into the twin towers of the world trade centre, the Pentagon and one was crashed in Pennsylvania (en route to Camp David). The world watched through the eyes of the news crews filming the first tower of the world trade centre after it had been hit as the second plane struck the other tower. It was the first time that the media had ever seen such an event happen and had broadcast it live to the world. Throughout the days afterwards the media were the key to informing the public of the ever-changing political situation and who was suspected of the attack. Newspapers produced commerative editions and some of the most thought provoking photographs in history were displayed on their pages. ...read more.


I think this image would make many Americans feel angry at what had happened and how dangerous and instant death would have been had you been in the tower when they were struck or fell. The nest set of images I am going to look at are the personal images of people. The media had to censor a lot of illustrations and could not publish all of them because many would have been too horrific or disturbing to the general public of dead bodies or severely injured people. This image shows the terror faced by people in the midst of the attack. As the building collapses they run for their lives. It shows and makes you feel frightened and scared for the people running from the dust. Many of the people running appear to be normal office workers dressed in shirts and ties. The main message trying to be conveyed in this illustration is how unexpected the attack was and when the building feel how many people were still in the vicinity, normal, innocent, civilians. ...read more.


It is a gesture of defiance against the attacks. The fire fighters struggle to raise the flag, America will struggle to recover but eventually they will. This image is an emotive one full of patriotism, it is intended to inspire the public to not give in to these terrorist attacks and hate their country because of America's political situation. The images from the media have shown Americas plight during and after the terrorist hijackings. The medias response has been one of total support for America. They have shown a biased representation of the attacks, but as westernised newspapers read by many Americans and supporters of America this is to be expected. Although, the media have shown contrasting images of the aftermath of the attack, Palestinians celebrating in the streets alongside pictures of Yasa Arafat giving blood, this is a good representation by the media of one countries completely different reactions to the attacks. All of the images of the World Trade Centre Attacks and also the limited pictures of the Pentagon and Pennsylvania attack show Americans grief of the victims, but their determination to rise against terrorism and to remain the most powerful nation in the world. ...read more.

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