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Media Studies - Analysis of DVD Cover and Film Trailer Example

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Analysis of DVD cover and film trailer The film I will be analysing is Memoirs of a Geisha. The film certificate for the film is people aged twelve and up. The film genre is a romance/drama film. This film can be seen by either female or male but mostly female because the people who star in the film are mostly female actresses. The audience would expect to see a film about a little girl who grew to become Japans most celebrated Geisha in the 1920's. They would also expect to see three main female characters in the film. The film is taken from a novel. People who have read the novel would like to see this film because I think they would like to see the film version of the novel. ...read more.


This trailer is an enigma; people have to watch this film to find out more. The DVD cover denotes a picture of the main character who is a woman; she is wearing white make-up with red lipstick, this connotes that this woman is from Japan because Geisha's in Japan wear this sort of make-up and also on the DVD cover is the other characters who are in the film, the females are wearing Kimonos which is a type of clothing in Japan. The DVD cover has the title of the movie in capital letters; they have used capital letters to make it stand out. On the bottom of the cover it says '6 academy award nominations' they have put this here to make the buyer think it's a good film because the film has been nominated for 6 awards. ...read more.


The DVD cover is the most important things when selling a DVD because it is the first thing you see when you are buying a DVD. I would watch this film and I have seen this film before and I think that this is a good film. The storyline is interesting and the scenes from the film are exciting. When I saw the trailers on TV at first I didn't want to watch it but then I did after my sister read the book and told me about it. The trailer of the film was quite good although it did not make me want to watch the film straight away; I thought the DVD cover looked quite attractive but not as good as the trailer. This film is worth seeing because it has a good storyline, exciting scenes and the actors and actresses in the film were quite good. ...read more.

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