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Media studies production coursework evaluation

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Our main aim and objective was to accomplish a well polished and successful promotional video exhibiting the integral subjects in SIS. We hoped to provide a good insight into the lives of students in SIS, and help prospective students in making decisions regarding the school. Our client, Mrs Crouch set out specific objectives for us to comprehend. For instance, she made a point to stress that the focal point of the promotional video would be in the execution and how the audience reacts to the actual video, in terms of aesthetics to information presented. Hence we made it a point to focus on the visual stimulation with a balance of content. As we are working with a feed of primary schools, online marketing strategies such as a website link should suffice as the versatility offered by the internet is like a godsend. We are also considering to utilize instant broadcasting mediums as posed to a marketing strategy as this can lead to the democratize of the media. ...read more.


To sum up, I worked with the director to shape an overall, consistent soundtrack that exploited the expressive possibilities of the sound medium. The genre that we worked in was that of a documentary style video with the specific sub genre of education. Buscombe's theory was applied through the tools that we used during each subject transition. For instance the buddha and the globe were presented as a metonym of the subject Religious studies and subsequently education. Camera angles also helped indicate the genre. Talking head footage was one camera technique which was utilized when the teachers opinions on certain subjects were voiced out. This in some way indicated an informative narration and exuded dominance and sophistication that comes with the 'Voice of god' technique. This was adopted as an expository documentary because one does not question the voice of authority. This idea of unquestionability and dominance was further demonstrated through the drama acrilite scene where the actuality of the inclusion of verbal phrases was seen as a key device in producing ideological closure, by anchoring the preferred reading on the apparently unarguable facts that were implemented. ...read more.


Hopefully through this narrative style we can cue our target audience's parents to frame hypotheses and draw inferences in regarding our school as posed to being the right choice. Although the video as a whole was fine and well constructed, there was plenty of room for improvement. Feedback from fellow students allowed us to be acquainted with the fact that the particular scene with the thumb drive was rather extensive with no specific meaning to it. Hence time lapse or accelerated motion could have been implemented in order to save time. Equally feedback suggested that the voice overs were out of sync during the cooking scene and that the unnecessary laughs could have been cut out. Though we tried to add interjections of humour to enhance the video experience, it diminished the seriousness of the video that we intended. Thus, if we were to do this once again we shall strive to ameliorate and rectify our mistakes by acknowledging and alluding to the feedback given. Media Studies Production Evaluation Media Studies Production Evaluation ...read more.

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