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Media studies production coursework evaluation

  • Essay length: 894 words
  • Submitted: 24/04/2010
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GCSE Audience and Production Analysis

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Our main aim and objective was to accomplish a well polished and successful promotional video exhibiting the integral subjects in SIS. We hoped to provide a good insight into the lives of students in SIS, and help prospective students in making decisions regarding the school. Our client, Mrs Crouch set out specific objectives for us to comprehend. For instance, she made a point to stress that the focal point of the promotional video would be in the execution and how the audience reacts to the actual video, in terms of aesthetics to information presented. Hence we made it a point to focus on the visual stimulation with a balance of content. As we are working with a feed of primary schools, online marketing strategies such as a website link should suffice as the versatility offered by the internet is like a godsend. We are also considering to utilize instant broadcasting mediums as posed to a marketing strategy as this can lead to the democratize of the media.

During this assignment, we as group members were segregated into roles of responsibility that would ensure our equal contribution. My role was that of a sound composer. I was briefed, by

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