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Media TV Coursework

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Section 1: Describe the conventions of sitcom comedy There are a lot of main features of the sitcom genre; they have a set of typical generic conventions. They all have title sequences most of these involving a distinctive catchy music, either a happy uprising tune giving off a funny atmosphere or a crazy tune giving off the feeling that the program includes funny chaos. Next all the storylines are introduced; usually there are about 3 or 4 storylines involving all the characters but they all intervene into one big storyline. As these stories go on problems and kinks appear in them making them funny and interesting. There is usually friction between the characters. In the end usually all the problems are resolved or they get nowhere. The setting is always the familiar family home or place of work. The actors use this to film most often but in most cases the majority of scenes are filmed in different areas. The characters usually consist of an extremely stressed out bossy mum that is very unfair and fed up all the time, A relaxed Dad that just wants to finish work and chill either in the pub or at home and to get some peace and quite from his wife and kids. In most or nearly all family sitcoms there is a variation of children, ranging from different ages ,there is usually one really smart child who is a bit of a know it all ,and a really thick one ,sometimes there is a small child or a baby as well. ...read more.


Meg hates her dad embarrassing her but gets on with the rest of the family apart from arguing with Chris. Meg is about 16 making her the eldest child .her life basically revolves round her trying to get a boyfriend and failing very badly making her character funny and appealing to teenage girls. The youngest of the children is Stewie a little toddler who can talk. Stewie is the smartest of the family even though he is only 3 which makes him extremely funny another sitcom who has a smart talking baby on is the English sitcom my hero. Stewie hates Lois and Peter and thinks Chris is just pathetic boy with no brains. Stewie however gets on with the talking family dog Brian. Brian is very funny and very intellectual. He is just like a teenage boy in dog form. Brian is very attracted to Lois and gets on with all the family. I think this program appeals to a lot of audiences ranging from 11 year olds to 50 year olds as the different characters attract different age groups of people. Think the target audience however is teenage boys because of the humour involved is very boyish. Section 3: Create Ideas for a new sitcom My program will be about a dysfunctional school with dysfunctional students and stressed out teachers. ...read more.


Shaun Matt's best friend is a total idiot obsessed with cannabis girls and money he is Matt's sidekick and they do everything for each other he is going out with Paris , Mercedes' best friend. Paris is wild and very sex obsessed with a very forward attitude to life she will do anything and has gone slightly of the rails. Miss Strut The youngest teacher at the school who is also very good looking and has a secret relationship with Matt! Mr Temple the headmaster is a total stress case he has a permanently purple face an absolutely no hair even though he is only in his late 30's. 3 possible storylines are Matt and his girlfriend Mercedes falls out and in Matt's anger he takes a visit to Miss Struts office, Paris visiting Miss Strut to hand in some late coursework sees them at it and tells Mercedes who is so upset she doesn't Know what to do so she takes loads of pills and ends up in hospital. Another plot is that Dan takes his opportunity to work himself up the popularity scale as he has a full on conversation with Paris at a party and gets invited to the school dance with her as she is fully drunk she decides to make a move on him ending up with Dan in hospital after a beating from both Matt and Shaun. ?? ?? ?? ?? Nazir Ahmed Media studies coursework assignment Mr Hesleton 1 03/06/2009 ...read more.

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