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Media "VO5"

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How does the advertisement for 'VO5 Fade Defy' appeal to its target audience? Intro I think the purpose of 'VO5 fade defy' advertisement or any television advert is to help sell a product, also to show you how the products works or how you will benefit from whatever is being advertised. I think the target audience, for this particular advert is aim at late teens (Eighteen's) 18's to late (forties) 40's, which in who have coloured their hair. The reason I think this is because the product is a fade defy and women who have dyed their hair would like the colour to stay looking good (for their age). ...read more.


The programmes the advert reminds me of as E.R. and casualty because there is always a serious incident that occurs and one obvious reason as well is that they are all set in a hospital. It also reminds me of US soap operas because the doctor's are looked upon as being perfect, their teeth are sparkling white, with a plastic looking face and flawless skin. The idea of perfection. The advertisement makes you think the hair care is a 'life or death situation' by the way Miss Pearce is rushed into the surgery room, on a wheelchair, which could resemble a gurney. I think the camera work of this part would be tracking shot, which means that there is a great amount of movement. ...read more.


When Miss Pearce first enters the surgery room her expression on her face was miserable, that is why you only get quick glints of her face, and you also can't see her hair because that is how ashamed she is of how badly it has faded. At the start of the advert there is a medium shot showing the doctor, nurse and the patient so that you get the idea of what is happing. There is a high angle bird's eye camera shot of Miss Pearce having her hair washed, to show you how the product work and what it makes you feel like. Miss Pearce likes so comfortable and relaxed. ?? ?? ?? ?? Media Coursework By Dariene Wootton Page 1 of 1 ...read more.

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