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Mini investigation on 'The Cheerleader' and 'Dracula'

Extracts from this document...


Mini investigation Lexical The extract taken from 'The Cheerleader' uses a mixture of formal and informal lexis. It is formal to an extent, as the story is being narrated it uses formal lexis like "liability" and other such words, giving the text a sense of seriousness. The speech of the vampire also sounds quite formal, again giving it a serious tone and contributing to the purpose of the text; to inform and entertain through fear and suspense. The vampire says "what is the most popular group in school?" and "Perhaps Celeste could be taken off the squad" These examples found at the beginning of this extract sound quite formal, there are no contractions present and this formality here causes the vampire to be heard and gives 'it' a sense of dominance and giving the characters a distinction between them. It puts the two main characters in their place right from the start making it clear where they stand with each other. The text also uses a lot of informal lexis like "jammed with girls" as this suits the primary audience of teenage girls. Contractions can be found in this text, but very rarely. The vampire uses it towards the end of this extract, "she'll be tired" giving it a sense of discourse which makes it sound a little informal as a lot of this text is speech between Althea and the vampire, but the serious tone and fear created in the audience remains right to the end of the text. Another feature of informal speech is also present in this text, elision and ellipsis. An example of elision I found, "And popular. So popular" works effectively on the audience as it places emphasis on the social context of the story of Altheas desire to become popular, aswell as making it short and concise getting straight to the point. Ellipsis is also used such as "who...what...perhaps..." ...read more.


There were slightly more verbs used in text B than text A. This could be because of its form as a diary entry, general observations are being made by Jonathan Harker therefore he is noting down every action he sees, whereas in text A it mostly focuses on the interaction between Althea and the vampire. A lot of these verbs in text B are in the past tense as Jonathan Harker reports what he has already seen such as "followed" and "went", but many are also in the present tense as he reports events as they are taking place such as "see" and "leads". Within these verbs I found a contrasting pair of semantic fields. One was formed of verbs like "conquered", "lost", "feared" and "bowed". These verbs have strong negative connotations of war, evil and darkness. It also suggests obedience and a sense of fear of a higher power, which helps fulfill its aim to create fright and mystery. In contrast to this there is a semantic field formed of verbs such as "enjoy", "secure" and "smiled". These verbs have strong positive connotations of safety, delight, happiness and bliss. With a contrasting positive side, when the suspense really builds up and the mystery starts being reveled, it makes the end result all the more shocking, helping fulfill the aim of the text. There is cohesion of the verb "know". This is particularly used in a specific part of the extract where this verb is repeated quite a few times. The use of this verb here is particularly suited as it places emphasis on what exactly Jonathan Harker doesn't know. It puts emphasis on the content of the text and its purpose. It is referring to St. George's day and the purpose of him being there in relation to this day. In Jonathan Harkers case it creates fear and curiosity of what he doesn't know, but is yet to find out. ...read more.


2 sent 1 sway 1 comfort 1 implored 1 Wait 1 allow 1 interfere 1 Raise 1 thanked 1 rose 1 dried 1 offered 1 taught 1 To regard 1 refuse 1 suppose 1 Put 3 reach 1 bring 1 comes 1 passed 1 sleepy 1 awake 1 write 1 fancy 1 dined 2 Call 1 seasoned 1 strung 1 roasted 1 produce 1 Present participles arriving 1 leaving 2 saying 2 entering 1 starting 2 expecting 1 having 1 asking 1 regarding 1 going 3 dealing 1 taking 1 giving 1 meaning 1 knocking 1 writing 1 sleeping 1 waiting 1 rushing 1 feeling 1 running 1 coming 1 wanting 1 fluttering 1 beginning 1 fitting 1 1 directing 1 making 1 Modal auxiliary verbs Should 4 Could 8 Would 2 Shall 1 May 6 Must 6 Will 5 ought 2 Adverbs through 3 Very 16 Near 1 rather 3 anywhere 1 indeed 1 hardly 1 No 1 Yet 2 fairly 1 enough 1 soundly 1 sometimes 3 clear 1 nearly 2 practically 1 certainly 1 thoroughly 1 evidently 1 almost 1 immediately 1 anxiously 1 somewhat 1 perfectly 1 exactly 2 simply 1 again 1 finally 1 gravely 1 naturally 1 Prepositions at 10 On 16 From 9 over 5 Here 5 there 5 among 3 In 33 After 1 along 1 under 2 towards 1 before 6 After 1 Top 1 by 1 outside 1 except 1 about 1 Up 4 Out 2 down 3 Pronouns I 78 it 35 we 10 us 1 he 10 me 10 they 13 them 10 you 15 she 14 her 6 him 2 Possessive pronouns my 25 our 1 their 2 your 4 his 3 her 5 Reflective pronouns themselves 1 Demonstrative pronouns That 4 this 9 those 1 Interrogative pronouns how 1 when 9 who 6 what 7 where 1 Indefinite pronouns something 2 anything 1 nothing 1 anyone 1 Relative pronouns which 16 That 25 ?? ?? ?? ?? Fazila Bala 1 ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Narrative section.

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