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Mobile Phone adverts Analysed - Trium, Bt Cellnet and Sony

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Analysing adverts. Media plays a very important role in society, especially in the form of encouraging certain behaviour through advertising. Using a wide range of persuasive techniques, brand images are constructed and maintained in a way that makes the audience very familiar with them, which are exemplified in the three campaigns under analysis. Within this Essay, the reader will notice how each of the mobile adverts under analysis - Trium, Bt Cellnet and Sony have used a range of persuasive techniques to promote the product. The Trium advert is representing a story of friendship, and how important it is to keep in touch. It is in black and white, which suggests memories from the past. The denotations of the advert are a girl whispering in someone's ear and a tiny picture of the phone in the corner. The connotations of the advert are youth, innocence, childhood and communications. The advert isn't typical of most adverts because it's trying to sell the phone through the ideas of childhood, and keeping in contact with old friends by using the Trium mobile. ...read more.


It is written in a clear, bold font so people take notice easily. The visual and written codes have been expressed differently within each advert. Each advert gives you information about the phone, pictures and persuasive language. Each advert puts across a different message. The Trium advert has used communication as its main idea. It is suggesting that you will loose contact with friends and that each memory of your past will fade, without talking about it. The Sony advert has used its uses/capabilities as the main idea. You can do different things with the phone to make it suit your needs and make it personalized and unique to you. It is trying to say that this is the phone for you, as you can make it suited to you. The BT Cellnet adverts have used image and identity as their main idea. It's telling you that having a stylish BT Cellnet mobile will be one less embarrassment off your mind, and that having a good looking phone will make you look a better person. ...read more.


It represents childhood friendships as something glorious. The Sony advert has more of a male appeal and would make them think that with the phone you can get a better girlfriend and stay in contact with her by using the phone. Women might not take interest in the advert, as the women in the advert is represented as a sexual object which is more men's taste. Brand images are developed and maintained through adverts, including the ones I have just analysed. By going through each advert I have seen how they appealed and targeted it to different audiences by using different written and visual codes. After analysing each advert I conclude that the BT Cellnet advert is the most effective in my opinion, as it has humour, which attracted me to like it. As I am part of the targeted audience, I can say that the advert set out to do what it's supposed to do and its worked well. Sherise Kennelly 10ABM Ms Wingrove Media coursework ...read more.

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