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Modern comic proposal

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There are several comics that could be considered rivals. * The Beano * The Dandy * Barbie * Spiderman * Wallace & Gromit The Beano and The Dandy are quite clearly children's comics. They both belong to a genre of comic that has a few distinguishable features. * They have cheap and non-glossed paper. * Recognisable drawing style. * They have clubs which you can enrol in for a small price and for every year you are a member, you get a new rank. * They have an incredibly interactive website. * They have several different characters and sketches which are repeated with different storylines weekly. * They are usually published weekly. * They are cheap - 'pocket money' prices. These are attractive to kids because they are cheap enough for them to buy with their pocket money. They also sometimes have cheap and cheerful free toys which is very appealing, especially to younger kids. Many offer free sweets. Barbie comics are part of a different set of comics that have recently emerged on the market. ...read more.


These won't be direct rivals as they are a bit different from the plan outlined in the briefing letter, but they are still worth taking into account. * They have a hero/villain recurring theme. * They are more expensive and use very glossy paper. * Free gifts are less common, but they often have 'special offers' on the superhero merchandise. * They usually have posters for colouring in and other competitions. * They usually stick to just one or two main sketches repeated in every issue. The last type of comic that I am going to analyse is the Wallace and Gromit style 'specialist' comics. These comics will not be a direct threat, again, but they will have some useful different ideas that we can consider. * These are the most expensive sort of comics and are published on high-quality glossed paper. * Free gifts are less common. * They are usually aimed at just the fans of the comic's theme, rather than at a target audience like the other comics. * They usually have more adverts for merchandise than previous styles. ...read more.


* We can make our comic to be priced in the gap between the cheap comics and the specialist glossy comics, so that we can have quite good quality paper without going out of the 'pocket-money' range. * We can publish our comic fortnightly. * It can have two main characters that reappear in every comic, who are both enemies and friends, such as a superhero that gets annoyed with a rebellious kid, but is always there to help. * Having a unique and different name that isn't 'The Something' or 'Something Comics'. * Having a modern and arty style about the drawings and logos, rather than the typical comic drawing. The style of drawings in The Beano and The Dandy doesn't really appeal to the increasingly modern, minimal sophistication of pre-teens today. * Working in current slang words and stereotypes of people that are around today, such as 'goth' and 'emo' without offending anyone. * Offer free ringtones and more up to date gifts. * To tie in with the healthy eating theme, I could offer money off or buy one get one free vouchers for healthy food. Eleanor Robinson Media Studies Q2. ...read more.

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