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Most news is predictable

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Media Coursework Most news is predictable e.g. we know when the G8 summit is, and we know that the Olympics is on every 4 years. But when the unpredictable occurs such as a terrorist attack, it poses difficulties for news companies because they have to organize themselves in a very short time, in order to inform the public as swiftly as possible. Channel 4 news is a very respectable news company because it's very professional with how it handles news and the way it presents it self. Do you think so?? On the 7th of July a terrorist attack on London took place, Channel 4 news quotes "700 injured, 37 dead" it even disrupted the most powerful nations at the G8 summit. I am going to review and analyze the way channel 4 news covered the major news story. The worst nightmare of a news company is going "live" on TV, when a major news story breaks the reason behind this is that there is barely any organization, they have to get the lines written for the telescripter, they have to get the camera crew and reporters at the scene/s at quick as they can and anything could go wrong. To begin with the program jumps on the screen with an ambulance and a patient that looks to be burnt is being treated, there senior news presenter John snow has his voice playing over the video, he says "37 dead, 700 injured. In the bombing across central London (video footage of the underground taken by a mobile phone is then played) tube passengers rescued on foot from the tunnels, above ground a bus destroyed by one of the blasts" The introduction has video footage of the above ground and some of the underground with John snow giving us a brief insight of what's happened. Then, there theme tune and intro movie comes on, its filled with a montage of pictures from the London attacks, and in the background it has the world map witch means that they don't just cover what happens in the UK, they have stories from across the globe. ...read more.


John just gets the information displayed to him on the auto script and is told to share the information to people at home by the producer through his ear piece, this is not rehearsed because it is a live show and it is breaking news. He now tells and explains the hotline number to the viewers (the number also appears on screen for anyone who missed it or can't remember what he said), he then reads it a second time to waste time but mainly for people who were rushing for there pens and paper at home. The camera shifts to the right so that john is on the left of the screen now a freeze shot of the only video footage of one of the underground attacks (the one taken by a mobile phone) appears on the screen near the top left, he says "it is clear it is a terrorist attacks but do we have any ideas who's behind the attacks". At this point in the programme it is now moving from the reporting the event to COMMENTING about the event. He passes onto there home correspondent Simon Breal. Video of the police, fire engines etc rolls on screen, again this is repeat footage and it's repeating to waste and take up more time. Simon does an introduction telling us what happened but obviously we already know, it's for the viewers who has just tuned in. A press conference for the emergency services is now shown on screen, a question from one member of the press asks "was there any warning of these attacks before they took place?" the camera is pointed to Andy Trotter expecting him to answer but then Brain Paddock answers, so the camera swiftly make a left turn to face him this shows how live it is and anything could go wrong and they didn't have time to edit it out. ...read more.


Rudolph the reporter says that "London responded greatly, the people were calm" also "life will be affected but not in a major way" this is referring to the transport situation, it raises the question, will people want to use a bus or go on the underground again? He also says that "you can never have perfect security" which is very true e.g. there isn't a police officer on every corner and how would you tell apart a terrorist to a normal person? Finally the toll number is revisited for the final time then Lucy passes back to John Snow. John repeats what has happened for the final time (for people just missed the programme but tuned in) then wraps up by saying "till then, that's channel 4 news, good evening". All In all I think that channel 4 news did a very good job in reported what had happened without any warning, considering the circumstances they pulled it off very well. Though in some cases they had a lot of repeat footage due to the fact that the camera men at the scene had little time to work with to get varied and decent footage, also they didn't have any underground video footage (accept a video taken using a mobile phone, that someone sent in) because of it being sealed off, but I suppose they couldn't help that. Overall the programme incorporated the three main areas REPORT-------COMMENT--------SPECULATE, structure that most news channel try to fit in, so even under a very short time and heaps of pressure they managed to put together the news broadcast, some times John Snow had a desk full of paper work which was all the news coming in, he did a very good job of almost improving as he went along. I analyzed there programme that aired on the 7th of July and I conclude that even under pressure and being live channel managed to pull it off. ?? ?? ?? ?? James Simpson Media coursework 11GJ 1 ...read more.

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