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Moving Image - The study of at least 4 adverts, either of the same product or same brand, which might include both contemporary and historical moving image advertising material carried on any medium.

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Moving Image The study of at least 4 adverts, either of the same product or same brand, which might include both contemporary and historical moving image advertising material carried on any medium, e.g. cinema, TV, Internet etc. "Most advertising is concerned with selling something- a product- although usually it is the brand rather than the product that is being sold..." claim Rayner, Wall and Kruger in AS Media Studies: The Essential Introduction page 243. Brands are different from products. Within the product there is a range of different brands i.e. Gold Blend, Kenco, etc which try to have a separate image and identity. Particular brands are aimed at particular groups of people. In the 90's and the 21st century advertisers talk of giving different brands different identities to appeal to the target personality. The advertising process involves a lot of people working at different stages of production. There is a great demand for research into consumer habits, needs and desires as well as the development of particular products and brands. Advertising is one of the oldest forms of media and ads for Pears soap in the 19th century shows that advertising techniques have not changed entirely over the last one hundred years. ...read more.


He looks around; the camera cuts to a l/s of a row of washing machines. Washing was seen as the preserve of the female, a conventional image tested with the entrance of Kamon. Nic Kamon challenged the stereotypes of the laundrette, iconic to both male and female. The women in the laundrette are stereotypical, and pale into insignificance, apart from responding to the bold Kamon. He is getting the attention in the way a film used to treat women i.e. the subject of the male gaze (Mulvey). Notice masculine, industrial colours used as he conducts the powder tabs in the form of stones into the machine (used to emphasise stone-washed jeans). The young boy and his twin are both inspired by Kamon. He looks up, c/u and notices them, still confident. The camera cuts to a m/s of the mother who drags her sons away reinforcing the "Don't talk to strangers" importance of that day and age. In a series of shots Kamon confidently removes his T-shirt arresting the attention of the passive women in the background, binary oppositions, blond, brunette etc. These women previously could have been the centre of attention in the laundrette. In contrast to Kamon they look boring and old-fashioned. ...read more.


In this way they reassure the policeman that they are bone-fide travellers and are sent away with a caution. When this ad was previewed on the internet in a ten second tease and showed a flat pack of ERIC the puppet, many dot.com users were interested and began sending their own version of the ad to their friends. They created one of the most successful and cheapest campaigns. The soundtrack went to number 1 and the sales of flat press went up 40%. A recent Levis 501 ad is located in a fast food outlet and relies on the appeal of the relationship/ communication between the young female attendant and the customer. Emphasis is on realism as it is difficult to make out exactly what is being said and fits in with the anti-advertising and the anti-fit style of the jeans. This coupled with humour is used to promote the everlasting appeal of 501s. Once more the name of the product is only endorsed in the final shot which reveals the brands familiar logo. It is clear to see that advertising is an essential part of a day-to-day consumerist society and is an effective way of informing consumers about new products and services. Some criticism directed at advertising is that it creates false hopes and expectations, plays on our insecurities and promotes unrealistic and dangerous role models. At best it provides humour and escapism. Kelly Quigley ...read more.

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