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Muscle and Fitness and Esquire. Compare and contrast how Arnold Schwarzenegger is portrayed in the two magazine front covers.

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Compare and contrast how Arnold Schwarzenegger is portrayed in the two magazine front covers. 'Muscle and Fitness' and 'Esquire' are two magazines aimed at very different groups of people, however they are both intended for men. 'Esquire' is a magazine aimed at succeeders and 'Muscle and Fitness' is aimed at aspirers. These magazines are ideal for comparison because they have something in common; they both use Arnold Schwarzenegger as a cover model. The masthead on 'Muscle and Fitness' is in bold capitals, which suggests strength and masculinity. It may make the reader feel as if they will be these things if they read the magazine. This is then backed up by seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in front of the masthead, looking really serious, and it makes readers think that they could be like him. ...read more.


Arnold Schwarzenegger wears a tightly fitted plain shirt, with no brand name in 'Muscle and Fitness'. The reason for the shirt being plain and brandless is so that it draws the reader's attention toward his muscles, and it makes them think of how they'd like to look like him. In 'Esquire' however, Schwarzenegger is dressed in a smart suit that makes him look responsible and clever. This would therefore appeal to succeeders because they would think of him as an equal intellectual. He is also wearing a wedding ring, which backs up the responsible image previously set. The colour connotations of each magazine vary greatly. In 'Muscle and Fitness' the colours used are mainly primary, strong colours such as red, yellow and black. These colours hold many connotations. Red, for example is the colour of blood and fire, and is therefore associated with danger and power. ...read more.


The main colours match the clothes that Schwarzenegger is wearing, the red and the two blues are all the same hue as on his tie. Once again this creates and impression of how organised and neat it all is, which appeals to succeeders. The body posture of Arnold Schwarzenegger in 'Muscle and Fitness' is a stance of strength and power. His arm is tensed to show off his muscles. His arm is also close to the sell line '20 inch arms in 3 big moves'. This adds to the effect, because the reader would see the sell line and then his arm and they would aspire to get arm muscles like his. The camera angle is side on, as this shows off his muscles best and also means he is not facing the camera. In 'Esquire' Schwarzenegger is directly facing the camera, and his finger is pointed towards it. This would make the reader feel as if he was pointing again, creating the image of being special and involved. ...read more.

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