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Music video essay

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Adele- chasing pavements In the beginning of the video we hear a non- diagetic sound of an ambulance, this automatically tells us that there's been an accident. They play this sound in the establishing shot which is a picture of a man and a woman lying on the flour with the picture of the crashed car in the background. After the establishing shot the camera blurs then focus's on Adele, she starts to sing then the camera blurs again and focuses on the man in the car. I think that this is purposely done to let the view know she is signing about her relationship; this makes the viewer understand the lyrics of the song much more. ...read more.


Towards the end of the video we see the woman with another 'man' then giving what I think is a letter to the man lying on the floor, saying she wants to finish. I think this represents Adele's relationship and if she carries on braking up and getting back with him it will end up in a crash. The girl lying on the floor has only one shoe on, I think this is purposely done because Adele feels trapped in the relationship, and because 'she only has one shoe on' she can't run away from him. But personally I think she doesn't actually want to run away. When Adele gets out of the car and watches the car crash victims I think what she is trying to tell us is that she is watching her own relationship from the outside. ...read more.


I think she doesn't dress up because she is not selling herself or her image I think she just enjoys singing her songs. The narrative in this video is the car-crash relationship; the video follows the typical codes and conventions of a pop genre. There is no iconography; I think this video was cheaply made out in America to save money and also to get a wider target audients. I think the target audients is for older people because it's a sad song appealing to people who have had experience in a relationship like this. The Mise-en-sene is not in a typical studio I think its ether in a set or is actually set in a park. There are no bright colours it's mostly brown and black, with the dead leaves on the ground this all resembles misery. The most editing used is the blur and also a bird's eye camera angle is widely used. ...read more.

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