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Analysing speech: a passage taken from the film 'Trainspotting'.

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Analysing speech: a passage taken from the film 'Trainspotting'. The passage is taken from a film 'Trainspotting', and is therefore a scripted piece. In a situation like this situation in 'real life', there would undoubtedly have been interruptions on numerous occasions; however, being a scripted piece, there were no overlaps; the entire passage is in the form of turn taking. In 'real life', we all know that we should turn take, but we often break this rule. People break this rule when they are angry, when they are enthusiastic about the issue, or if they want to add to what the other person is saying. Another feature of the passage illustrating that this is a scripted piece, is the fact that there are no self-clarifications. The dialogue is more carefully and logically structured than if it was spontaneous speech. To understand the nature of this passage, one must first understand the context of the piece. ...read more.


(Woman) "No, not homeless people. Beggars, Francis Begbire - one of my mates. I wouldn't say my best mate, I mean, sometimes the boy goes over the score, like one time when we - me and him - were having a laugh and all of a sudden he's fucking gubbed me in the face, right." (Spud) This shows how Spud is the one who sets the discussion topic. The original question from Man 2 was about what attracted Spud to the leisure industry, and from that, the conversation moved onto one of Spud's 'mates'. Spud setting the agenda, shows that Spud has the power, which is not in keeping with the stereotypical interview. Normally, the interviewer would have the power, not the interviewee. Spud begins the dialogue, aswell as ending it. He has the most words, and he speaks most frequently. Although having the most words and speaking most frequently does not alone guarantee the power to that character, along with setting the agenda, it is clear that Spud has it. ...read more.


This recurs periodically throughout the passage, and each time Man 1 tries to gain the power, he fails. At the end of this passage, Man 1 uses a declarative statement to end the interview, "Thank you Mr Murphy. We'll let you know" (Man 1) If the interview had ended here, then it would have ended with Man 1 having the power. However, after this, Spud goes on to say, "The pleasure was mine. Best interview I've ever been to. Thanks." (Spud) Because of this, Spud makes it seem as if the interview was ended on his terms, so he once again has the power, meaning that he had it throughout the entire interview. In summary, Spud has the power throughout the interview, all the while, the interviews are trying to gain it, which is what an interview typically entails. Using many techniques, the writer has made it so that Spud keeps the power right the way through the passage. Spud sets the agenda, and makes it impossible for the interviewers to be impressed by his antics; which is overall, exactly what he wants. ...read more.

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