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GCSE media coursework

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GCSE media coursework Despite the fact that beer sales, in particular bitter, were on an alarming decline due to an aggressively ruthless drinks market, John Smiths managed to reinforce their brand name. Their new twenty million pound advertisements achieved their success in many ways with the main focus point being humour, starring the stand up comedian Peter Kay. Peter Kay was chosen to play John Smith because he is a stereotypical, lowlife, overweight, 'no-nonsense' English man. There have been seven new advertisements so far however the two I have chosen to analyse are: 'Top Bombing' and 'Monsters'. The purpose of these two advertisements was to show beer drinkers John Smiths in a new aspect. This was shown in forty-two seconds. The advertisements were shown on Channel Four between the cricket and on ITV1 between the world cup and Grand Prix evidently this is because sports programming offered a good fit with existing John Smiths drinkers TV viewing patterns notably it also fitted well with potential John Smith's drinkers viewing habits (beer drinkers with a 'no-nonsense' attitude to life). ...read more.


John then orders two more currys and takes a swig of his John Smiths. When he looks up and finds his wife and friends starring at him he asks "what?" this makes him sound really dumb like most fat beer drinkers, then the slogan 'no nonsense' is the final shot and this again emphasises the fact John Smiths is a no nonsense drink. Peter Kay was chosen to play John Smith in both of these adverts. This is mainly because the adverts are supposed to be witty and Peter Kay is well known for his humour and wit. He also appeals to the target audience as he is a mirror image of the target audience with him being a stereotypical, lowlife, overweight, no-nonsense, Englishman this gives the advert more chance of succeeding because many people would associate themselves with the advert clearly therefore they are more lightly to buy John Smiths. 'Monsters' is set in the evening, you can tell this because it is dark and the only light is coming from lights in the restaurant. ...read more.


The director also uses bathos to show the anti-climax when John is telling his daughter the complete opposite of what he should be saying. There are two sounds in this advert music and dialog. The music is Indian music and is very minimalist because nobody wants loud, techno headache-causing music when they're eating a meal it also shows from the start that the characters are situated in an Indian restaurant, the only other music is the ring tone on John's phone. The adverts advertised the product and brand name using a series of comedy techniques such as bathos. It never actually gives information about the product, for example, what it tastes like or what it smells like etc. whereas it emphasis' the target audience. The John Smiths campaign with Peter Kay achieved the ultimate accolade for any piece of advertising this is proven to be correct by the fact that it became the only bitter in the top ten selling beers in the UK, the other nine being either lager or stout In the year that the adverts were screened. ?? ?? ?? ?? Media coursework Mr. Hill G.C.S.E James Whitmore Page 1 07/05/2007 ...read more.

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