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Newspaper essay

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Newspaper Evaluation My target audience was mainly male 14-22 year olds, another target audience are people who enjoy sport and new technology such as the latest game consoles. I have shown that my target audience is mainly 14-22 throughout the layout of the newspaper front cover; I have kept it simple. The layout of the newspaper front cover was kept very simple as I didn't want my front cover to be to complicated and become an effort to read. I tried to keep the front cover open and clear so it wasn't boring and I made sure that stories and columns were dictated by fixed by titles and bold lines. I decided to have two stories on my newspaper front cover, one story is about the news of the football world and the other story will be about important national news. ...read more.


I thought it would have been interesting to hear different peoples views. I have chosen a picture of Harry Renknapp looking distressed at a training session to go with my main headline as it shows he is uncomfortable with the speculation of him "being a fraudster", which possibly suggests his guilt. I also used this image to leave the reader decide for themselves whether they think Harry Renknapp is guilty or just distressed by the speculation. I believe the clothes featured in my newspaper would appeal to my target audience as they are stylish casual clothes that reflect today's fashion. Another one of my images was one an early design of a possible new games console being released in a few years time. I thought that this product would have attracted a lot of people who have games consoles. ...read more.


I do not think there is a lot of competition on the market at the moment except for magazines like four, four two and gaming magazines. It will be expensive to advertise my product in certain areas such as TV but I feel this will reach my target audience as a lot of them tend to watch quite a bit of TV a day. I do not think I can compare my newspaper to any other newspaper on the market as it is so different. I am very pleased with the work I have created my newspaper as I am happy with the layout and the way it looks. I think my target audience would purchase the newspaper as it contains stories they find interesting. The colour of the newspaper headline could change apart from that I am happy with my newspaper. ...read more.

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