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Newspapers- a comparison between Tabloid’s and broadsheets.

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Newspapers- a comparison between Tabloid's and broadsheets. What are the main differences between them? The broadsheets are a lot different from the tabloid papers in many ways, for one the broadsheets cover more stories and in more detail. For example on the front page of the Guardian there are three main headlines 'New bomb hits Bush peace talks' 'UK selling arms to India' 'Blunkett leads attack on press 'insanity' Out of those three stories only one of them came up in the Daily Mirror and none came up in the Daily Star. ...read more.


In the Guardian there aren't many adverts but a lot of factual information, international news and a big section on the stock market. The Times is a bit different in that it has lots of different news papers in it, The Times (normal info/news), business, sport and first executive (jobs). In my opinion this is better because it take ages to look through other newspapers to find information that you want, whereas in the Times it is separated out into different sections and so less searching is required. ...read more.


and short stories, were ass the broad sheets tend to provide a more in-depth study of current affairs in well form ed sentences. The tabloids use price, competitions and 'exclusive' stories to boost sales. Tabloids use colloquialisms rather than formal English or to put it simply a reading age of twelve. The two types of newspaper are in competition and so are always changing their layout and stories nowadays broadsheets use more colour and perhaps more human interests stories than before and many of them come with tabloid-size supplements which are almost like mini- newspapers. ...read more.

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