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Newspapers as a Form of Media

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Year 10 Coursework Assignment: Newspapers as a form of media Newspapers play a big part in modern media. They are read by tens-of-millions each day and get out the latest news breaking headlines as well as entertainment, advertisement and business. There are two main types of newspapers available to buy, these are Broadsheet and Tabloid. Tabloid newspapers are some of the main ones, they are read daily all over the country and include a variety of information to attract all types of readers. Broadsheet newspapers are usually twice the size of tabloids; they contain around 80% text and little images. A more layout is used, fonts such as `Arial`, very little or no colour and its content is on what's happening in the business and working world. ...read more.


Business and politics would maybe be off a lesser priority, it would cover more general stories and sports. Today's press is regulated using a number of government set guidelines and watchdogs, individuals and common sense. Watchdogs such as Ofcom monitor content and the way information is retrieved. Hidden cameras or recordings cannot be publicised, the same goes for offensive material or content. If a reader is unhappy with a storey and complains to Ofcom; they will look it up and choose appropriate action, if any. Usually, the paper or company is taken to court and the problem is settled with a public apology or financial settlement. All editors also use their common sense on what they see appropriate, they have their own set of invisible guidelines to ...read more.


He is a pro Labour supporter, so it's more likely that The Sun will print more pro labour stories than negative news about Labour Party or its leaders. If he doesn't want something printed or a particular storey included, he has the power to make the change happen. An example is, during the begging of 2007, when rival digital TV broadcaster NTL was taken over by Virgin Media, rather than News Corporation, bSKYb raised its prices for using its channels. There was a big clash over this. The storey was run in several newspapers, the Sub being part of the same company owning bSKYb, printed front page content for its view, and against Virgin Media. It abused its position and used it against Virgin. ?? ?? ?? ?? Asadullah Haider Year 10 Media Studies Mr Delaney ...read more.

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