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Nick Hornby is the author of both novels Fever Pitch and About a Boy. How is Lad Culture presented in both of these films?

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Nick Hornby is the author of both novels "Fever Pitch" and "About a Boy". How is "Lad Culture" presented in both of these films? "Fever Pitch" was released in 1997 by David Evans and "About a Boy" was released in 2002 by the Weisz Brothers. These films were both novels by Nick Hornby. The theme in both films is "Lad Culture". We are comparing them because they both show different aspects of "Lad Culture". "Lad Culture" is how men of today act. The most common traits of "Lad Culture" are fast cars, football, no family and, some of the time, no job. In the 2002 movie poster for "About a Boy" the child looks up to Hugh Grant in a father/son way. This is unexpected in terms of "Lad Culture" as typically men are not into family life. In the 1997 film poster for "Fever Pitch" the woman is very annoyed with the man; we can see this through her body language. Also, the man's body language gives off mixed messages as he has one arm around the woman, (against "Lad Culture"), but his other arm is cheering for a football team, (for "Lad Culture"). The film poster that portrays "Lad Culture" as a good thing is "Fever Pitch" as it has the man cheering and miniature images in the tagline that support "Lad Culture" such as the subbuteo man, a pint of beer, a record and a football rosette. ...read more.


Also, it could be negative because it is stopping Marcus from wearing what he wanted to wear and making him change his style. In "Fever Pitch" Paul is seen as a football fanatic. We know this as he is seen in a lot of Arsenal shirts. He only changes slightly in the film as he occasionally swaps his football shirt for a suit towards the end of the film. This is because he realises that if he wants to be with Sarah, he has to act more professionally. However, Sarah's costume changes a lot. She is seen as boring. We know this because at the beginning she wears a beige raincoat accessorized with a satchel and folders containing school work and an umbrella. This costume connotes no social life, sensibility and preparation for all events. At the end of the film, however, she is wearing a red and white dress. The dress connotes the colours of the Arsenal strip, showing that she is now more open towards "Lad Culture". This is another positive message about "Lad Culture because Sarah embraces Paul's football team. This is because she has realised that football fans can be affectionate towards others In both films the directors utilise many different camera angles. ...read more.


It also shows that men don't care about the fact that they are going to grow old and lonely. In conclusion, there are mixed impressions on "Lad Culture" presented in the films. In "About a Boy" "Lad Culture" is negative whereas in "Fever Pitch" "Lad Culture" is a positive thing. "Lad Culture" can be both good and bad depending on how you look at it. It could be a good thing because there is nothing wrong with supporting a football team but it could be a bad thing as being single all your life can make people think you're ignorant and this could make you become lonely and friendless. The preferable film of the two was "About a Boy." This is because at the beginning no-one was really happy but at the end everyone had a reason to be happy, even Marcus' mum, Fiona. Will was with Rachel, Marcus had friends and Fiona had met an old friend of Will's that could possibly end up as her next boyfriend. In addition, "Lad Culture" isn't really that important by the end but being with friends and family is. Also, Will no longer thinks of himself as one island all alone, he thinks of himself a part of a chain of islands because he now loves Rachel and he also loves Marcus like he was his son. Jordan g ...read more.

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