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Our media coursework is about advertising for charities in both newspapers and on the television. Our task is to decide upon a charity we wish to advertise for, research it and chose a suitable newspaper and television channel (and time) to advertise on.

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Media Coursework Commentary Our media coursework is about advertising for charities in both newspapers and on the television. Our task is to decide upon a charity we wish to advertise for, research it and chose a suitable newspaper and television channel (and time) to advertise on. We then have to design an advert to put in the newspaper and make a storyboard for a television advert. On our first lesson we were assigned groups to work in. I was put into a group with Kyle, Harry, Gemma, and James. We were a fairly varied group as to our talents, tastes and friendship groups, which helped us to see lots of angles on the appeal. Harry and myself are both talented in technical subjects but don't tend to excel in the creative subjects, this is good because we can see the technicalities of making an advert and are good at research. Kyle, Gemma, and James are all very artistically talented, this means that they can help a lot in the aesthetics of the advert and the impact it will have on the viewers. I was very pleased with the group I was assigned to because of the variety of talents within it and the fact that we all get along and work together very well. After we had been assigned to groups we began to decide which charity we wished to advertise for. ...read more.


the word stop at the end of the advert is in keeping with the aims of the charity, and two because it has impact and is a direct command so it does make people stop and take notice. We also had it going completely silent when the last screen appeared because this reiterates the message of stopping and is in keeping with the words of our song. To aid us in our decisions we watched several other charity appeals and found that the best ones were simple and to the point, but still made you feel sorry for the people or animals, which were suffering in the adverts. We watched one for an animal charity, which included a big shock or twist to make you pay attention to them. We thought this idea was good so we tried to recreate it in our last screen, which would cause slight shock, as it was sudden, and make people pay attention to our message. We also saw a Red Cross advert which was just a series of images, this had a real impact on us and influenced us in how our advert worked. We used this as the basis of the structure of our advert because we also used a series of disturbing images. We also watched the new NSPCC advert which focuses on making people feel guilty. ...read more.


I believe that the message of putting a stop to child cruelty is portrayed well in the adverts because of the images and stories and also the instruction to stop. It also helps that the charities aims are well known so we didn't have to be explicit in the information that we gave. At first I was disappointed in the task we were set because I was really looking forward to the media section of the course and thought that the task set did not live up my expectations. But when I got into the task I really enjoyed it. I liked working with a group that I wouldn't normally work with and when we were making decision it was a fair process and the entire group contributed which was a really good thing to be part of. I think we worked well as a group and I gained lots of knowledge about advertising and all the skills that I never knew existed in the task. I enjoyed seeing the difference between advertising on television and advertising in newspapers and thought it was a very worthwhile task for both the development of my English and comparison skills and in the gain of extra knowledge. It was a new experience and has helped me to realise all the psychology that goes into advertising and all the thought people who work in these areas must put in to entice the viewers into parting with their money. Martha Ricketts Martha Ricketts 1 ...read more.

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