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Outline and Discuss the View that Increasing Concentration in Ownership of the Mass Media is bad for Audiences.

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Lindsay Glover L63 Outline and Discuss the View that Increasing Concentration in Ownership of the Mass Media is bad for Audiences. To sociologists, the increasing concentration of the mass media is a very debatable topic. There are two different ways at looking at this situation. One way is that it is good to increase concentration because it will benefit the public. However many people look at concentration as a bad thing because only a small amount of people are able to control the media, increasing their own power. People, who have a radical view, would agree that media concentration is bad for the audience. One of their main concerns is that too few people are gaining too much power, through concentration. Especially from a manipulative point of view, this means that the top executives and company owners are having too much control over what we, the public, are subjected to. This suggests that if more concentration occurs then soon enough only a few people will have the ultimate power to regulate what we see and read. ...read more.


When we read a paper it will have a particular political view to its style of writing, especially when it comes to election time. So for instance if the Sun was backing Labour in the last election, generally most Sun readers would have voted for labour. This is showing the way the newspaper was able to manipulate its readers into thinking and even voting in the same way as the top executives of the company. This shows great power over the media, but it is bad for the audience because in a way they are now not able to make their own free choice without being persuaded in a particular direction by the media all around them. This is also true for the hegemonic view but they believe that it is not just the top executives of a company that input their own view into the media. They believe it is all the employees of the company such as journalists and editors who put, through their own ideas and writing, their own view and spin on their articles. ...read more.


From this we are able to enjoy a better choice of television, with programmes that actually interest the consumer, instead of re-runs of old soaps. Liberalists also believe that we have a free choice of what we want to watch. If we don't like something on one channel then we turn it over until we do find something we like. We also have free choice when it comes to more serious matters such as politics. The Sun and The Mirror had opposing views on the evidence presented to the UN which was supposed to prove Sadam's link to Bin Laden. From the two articles, liberalists would say the consumer has their own choice to decide which paper they believe. They think people still have their own minds and are able to make their own decisions without being pushed into it. There are good and bad points to the concentration of the media. I think it can benefit audiences because they are getting the best out of companies who are competing with each other and are therefore making better mediums. However I do agree with the radical view in that, there is now only a small handful of people who have power over the media and their view could one day affect everything we do. ...read more.

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