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Peugeot 206. The advert begins with an extremely busy Asian market place and a man sitting on a bench staring at his car

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Peugeot 206 The advert begins with an extremely busy Asian market place and a man sitting on a bench staring at his car, which is an old style car, he is sitting looking at the car and all of a sudden he looks as though he is inspired by an idea, so he gets up and walks over to the car. He gets into the car and with no hesitation or look of worry in his face he drives into a wall head on. Looking quite determined he reverses into a wall. And with an audience surrounding him he gets an elephant to sit on the bonnet of the car. He then starts hitting the car with a sledgehammer. At first it seem just random, but the look on his face is very concentrated. ...read more.


There are tools still laid next to the car. The man is extremely pleased and he looks at it lovingly and adoringly. We often hear that men say they love their cars, and this man shows it in his face as he looks at the Peugeot 206. This advert seems to be based on this saying of men loving their cars. The man is now driving the car past what looks like a party, where there are people of his age. As they drive past we see a few woman turn and look in their direction. In fact even a man turns his head and smiles at them. We cannot tell if they are attracted to the men or the car, but I'm sure if they drove past in the old car they would not get the same attention. ...read more.


These two songs are extremely different as are the cars; the traditional Indian music plays as we see the old car, and the up to date music plays as we see the Peugeot 206. There is also music playing as the badge and Peugeot name are shown on screen. This music is still the hip, funky up to date music, which is Bhangra nights ft. Raul. And so we are meant to associate Peugeot with this status too of being hip and up to date. This adverts uses humour to make us more interested. Many adverts do this now, and this helps us make our mind up before we go and see the product. Adverts have to get us visually aroused. As now a days there are so many channels and most people just surf these channels while there are adverts playing on another channel. ...read more.

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