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Powerpoint The presentation has been written for anyone who would like to find out more information on the planets in

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Report for PowerPoint Presentation The Purpose of the Presentation: The presentation has been written for anyone who would like to find out more information on the planets in the solar system. The language used is suitable for children and adults. It will give them statistics on each of the nine planets and some background information on them. There is also an image of each planet in each section. There is no particular age group that this presentation has been set for. How the presentation was created: The planets that I created slides on were; Uranus, Saturn and Pluto. The text I have used in these slides is in my own words but taken from information found on the internet and the shared documents file. ...read more.


I then used power point to apply them. Here are screen shots to show this: I decided on which images and sounds to use by looking at which ones would be appropriate for the presentation. I also asked the rest of the group's opinion on these before putting them into my presentation. Developing The Presentation: The original plan for the presentation was to create three slides each on our chosen planets. We then decided to add another slide in that has more background information and an image on it. Here is how one of my slides evolved: The top left hand slide shows the 1st slide with the title and the text on it. ...read more.


The tree diagram is also very good at showing which slides are interactive because the reader can see which ones are and which ones aren't. A storyboard isn't always the clearest way of giving an outline because presentations can evolve from the storyboard and they are only good at showing the planning. The features of the presentation put the message across ore effectively because they grab the reader's attention and doesn't make it boring, The first slide also has bullet points which make it very clear to read. This is better than an oral presentation because the audience can work at their own pace through it and it is much more interesting. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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