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Practical Production Moving Image commentary

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Production = Moving Image Aim = to make others aware about the effects of bullying; to show how bullies are disrespectful and possibly betraying individuals Target Audience = Teachers; pupils; parents; and others who would like to find out more about bullying. * Made to convey the truth behind bullying and how it can lead to other problems, not only for the victim, but the bullies as well; * clips in the film were mostly recorded by me, except for the scenes in which I am involved in * music tracks used in the clip were legally downloaded; I have only used musicals; * All the transitions/effects were made in iMovie. * This was a solo production; others helping me did so voluntarily. ...read more.


* Music fits the scenes: i.e. it starts off quite softly, showing Hassan's (the victim) achievements and, as the bullying begins, changes into 'rock' mode to emphasise the profound rage/importance of the scene. * My target audience is quite wide, * Many different people can at very minimum become more aware of bullying - it is an issue which everyone can support, or at minimum be aware of - as shown on my CD cover: 'It exists'. * Representation: My clip is stored on a CD, in DVD format. * This makes it available to many. The CD cover shows two contrasting pictures; * The 'transformation' of the victim from being a successful student (edited to bring brightness, which symbolises success) ...read more.


* Users, if applicable, may also be able to download (or order) this clip via the website. * Such institution methods will encourage others to think about the issue of bullying more thoroughly, to reflect on their attitudes and, possibly, to reduce bullying. * Being in 'anecdote form' will make viewers more personally involved with the issue. Seeing a crime happen first-hand is more likely to influence others than just bullet-points displaying facts. * Accessibility at which this product will be made available will encourage others to initially take the time to find out; it will become one of those things which one 'must have seen'. * Through all these features I hope to make the answer to bullying clear: 'it should not happen'. A message clearly portrayed throughout my production. ?? ?? ?? ?? Riyadh Abdulla 11J4 Media Studies: Commentary ...read more.

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