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Produce a communications campaign for an aftershave called Blizz.

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Introduction I have been requested to produce a communications campaign for my aftershave called Blizz, created by Lacoste, with a budget of �300,000. The things I need to include are an explanation of the importance of advertising and public relations to a business, an explanation of advertising media and their advantages and disadvantages, discussion of the reason businesses use public relations and the tools used in the public relations and a list of the consists on a communication campaign. My target audience for my blizz fragrance are businessmen aged 30 and on words. There interests are in business investments and buying posh expensive goods. The Blizz fragrance will be campaigned on national television and at department stores such as House of Frasier, Beatties and Debenhams. Young women going around the store giving testers out to the public will advertise the fragrance. I'm going to make my advert interesting and classy so it will appeals to the all business men, the advert will show all ranges of business men buying the Blizz fragrance form house of Frasier. The language in the advert will be in posh English and every body will be wearing suits, the women in the advert will fall in love with the men once they brought the fragrance. ...read more.


Outdoor advertising (billboards) 6 Sheets Heavy Medium Light No. Of Panels 400 300 200 Cover 88% 86% 86% Frequency (OTS) 73 55 36 Cost per Panel �299 Cost per Campaign �119,600 �89,700 �59,800 I will be spending �89.700 on advertising on billboards; my billboard size will be six sheets (medium). The table above shows the cost in detail. Advertising on TV and newspaper. I will be advertising on Carlton on the 30-second weekday peak time spot from 7:30-11:30 4x times a day. Once a day advertising costs 30,500, but its going to cost me 122,000 because my advertising will be 4x more. Carlton 30 second weekday peak time spot (1926hrs - 2330hrs) 30,500 Newspaper advertising Daily Mail full page (colour) 45,612 This advertising will just cost me �45,612. Point of sale advertising This will not cost me anything because it doesn't require any certain materials or professionals. All you need is some one to go to a department store and give out testers to the member of the public. I have mentioned my financial factors and now I'm going to mention the non-financial factors. These are the trade description act, misrepresentation act and the sale of goods act. ...read more.


These include Press releases- this is when the press (media) promotes a service or a product to the newspapers prompting a certain product or a business. Sponsorship- sponsorship is when an organisation uses their product to sponsor someone or something for example when ITV uses Cadburys chocolates to sponsor Coronation Street. In house magazine- this is when an organisation uses a magazine to promote their product thin in their company. Corporate image - this is when an organisation sets out an image to attract a certain type of consumers for their product. Local Environment Projects- this is when the organisation promotes their product in their local environment to see what the public thinks about their product. * The reason businesses use public relations is to-: * Create strong community relations * Be aware of there social responsibility * Persuading customers to by there products or services * Explain customer's legal rights. The tools that I would use for public relations are: - Press releases- I would get the press to promote my Blizz fragrance in a newspaper for example the Daily Mail. Local environment projects- I would use this project by going to the markets and giving out free samples of my fragrance to the members of the public to see what they think of it. Qamran Rashid13 BTW ...read more.

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