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Produce a proposal for a sales promotion campaign for a product or a range of products of a business that I will choose.

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Sales promotion unit 15 For this coursework, I will produce a proposal for a sales promotion campaign for a product or a range of products of a business that I will choose. The proposal will include * Background to the product and market situation as well as an explanation of the sales promotion strategy that I will decide that is most appropriate to promote my product. * Objectives for the promotion. * An explanation of the type pf promotion that I will choose for the product. * An explanation of other types of promotion that I could use. * Finally, examples of different communication materials that you could use to publicise and explain the sales promotion effectively. Background By using different types of sales promotions and communicating methods, I feel that this product would be appropriate to carry out my sales promotion case study on because it is an existing product which is doing really well within the market and I believe it has the potential to do even better in the existing market. Product life cycle This is an important concept for the marketing of a product or service in any company. ...read more.


The product already exists so further costs on advertising will not have to be made in order to get customers attention of the product. Re-promoting will help attract new customers. Walkers Doritos will be promoting an offer to help get consumer attention and therefore increase sales. Walkers Doritos is already at a stable position within the bagged snacks market, but by attracting new customers, sale will increase and help shorten the lead on other bagged snack higher up the market. Due to its success over many years, money from sales is available to re-promote the product. Weaknesses Walkers Doritos have researched that there is a fall in sale in certain age groups. The most significant age group is between the ages 12 - 15, the possible reason may be that the product may be too original and not offering what consumers at this age want. Competition within the market is fast, so for Walkers Doritos to maintain their position within the market, they will have to keep up to date and in order. Costs from re-promoting the product may be high. Opportunities If re-promoting the product is successful, Doritos will increase sale and again shorten the lead on other competitors higher up within the market. ...read more.


* The goods sold are 'as described' * The goods are of good quality and fit for the purpose. The Trade Description Act says that the product must be what it says it is. In this case then Doritos will have to reward the prize when found. The trade description act states that it is a criminal * To apply a false trade description to any good, or to supply or offer to supply, any goods to which a false trade description is applied. * To give a false indication as to price. * To make a false statement knowingly or recklessly as to the provision of a service. * To give a misleading induction that goods have been offered at a higher price, as in a shop sale, when this is not the case. The Competition Act 1998 operates through the competition commission (which replaced the Monopolies and merges commission). This body can now investigate any firm in a dominant market position to see if they are acting 'against; the public', whereby a firm tries to run competitors out of business by long term, sometimes loss making, prices, to establish a monopoly. Walkers Doritos is in a very dominant position and are very well respected so it is important that they stick to the rules. This is for the safety of themselves. ...read more.

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