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Production Exercise Evaluation Magazine Media Studies GCSE

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Production Exercise Evaluation Magazines Our aims were to design a front page of a magazine that had to include a masthead, three or more cover lines, the main headline, and two pictures taken by me, one for the front page and one for the contents page, when I finished making my front page of the magazine I had to make the contents page which had to include all the cover lines on the contents page with page number and important points from a story that was in the magazine. We had to make a contents page because a lot of people don't have a lot of time to go through the magazine so they would turn over to the contents page and read what is in the magazine and that may or may not interest the customer. ...read more.


The target audience for my magazine will be 12-16 this is because many movies that are rated above 12 certificates have some swear words, sexual relationships and love. The masthead of my magazine is 'Movie Mag', because just from looking at the masthead the reader gets a thought in his mind that the magazine will be about movies and the masthead attracts people quite quick because of the word I used 'Movie' and this magazine will have the latest, upcoming movies out and also lots of reviews. My magazine has three cover lines and they are ''Sneak Peeks at the hero Antonio Banderas and reviews about the film'', the second one was ''Interviews with Tobey Maguire, Directory Sam plus reviews'' and the last one was ''Interview with Johnny Depp about Pirates of the Caribbean Two, how it was made, where the movie was made, different actors/actresses roles, ...read more.


My contents page has eight images of movies with description and page no next to them this reflected what was inside the magazine so the customer can quickly go through the contents and find out what will be in the magazine. My finished text appealed to audience aged 12-16 with images that would be suitable for 12-16 to see and the language that has been used. I could improve this by adding more information about what they will be buying and adding more pictures. My magazine has attractive images and they are all laid out correctly on the front page and the colours are very attractive and the pug, the pus that I have used. I could improve this by adding more pugs and pusses and adding more colours. ?? ?? ?? ?? Mohammed Sharif Khan Candidate No: 0366 Centre No: 13345 ...read more.

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