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Promotion. There are many different methods of promotion a business might use. They include the following: sales promotion

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Promotion Promotion is concerned with how a business is to market its product. A business must inform customers that it has a product to sell otherwise they won't know and the product won't sell. A business will use diversity of methods to have the greatest influence on consumer. Without promotion, a business may have an excellent product which is a failure because consumers were not persuaded to but it. There are many different methods of promotion a business might use. They include the following: 1. sales promotion 2. ...read more.


The consumer may well be attracted to the product for the first time because of the added value, and then continue to buy it. Many super markets where I live near to, such as Morrison's will often offer goods at two for the price of one in the hope of consumers returning to the supermarket. Walkers offer gifts in there packets such as �5 notes and �10 note. This method was successful as they managed to sell over 5 million packets. Out the packets only certain crisps had the gift in it. ...read more.


We all see and hear advertisement for a huge range of products. The type of advertising to be used is chosen carefully as do the advertising media that is where the product is to be advertised. For some products as advertising campaign is launched, which involves a series of advertisement in different forms over a period of time. In this away a produced can build up consumer knowledge of a product which will increase sales or get a new product off to a good start. The type of advertisement walkers uses is informative. They give out the information of the product with out persuading them to but it. This advertises have a famous personality involve in such as Gary Lineker and Michel Owen. ...read more.

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