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Psycho.Hitchcocks film psycho in comparison with other horror films is very strange and different.

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Psycho In the shower scene Hitchcock was famous for his innovative use for example when he uses the extreme close up shot of Marion screaming when she see the murder wit the knife. An extreme close up of her mouth creates tension and fear, which somehow enhances the sound of her voice. Hitchcock also uses a close up shot of Marion reaching out her hand. This shot sends emotion to the audience because she is trying to reach out for help but no one is there to help her. When Marion is reaching out for help Hitchcock is also famous for using the extreme close up shot of the drain that then blends to become Marion's eye. This can mean that her eye is sinking in the drain meaning her life is worthless. This also builds up emotion because you feel for Marion when she is lying dead on the floor. ...read more.


the bedside table and the shower curtain was another clue because if we remember Marion pulls it off the rail right after she falls to the ground and dies. Hitchcock gives us close up shots of both these clues during the film and during the shower scene. Hitchcock tries to send the audience that are watching the shower scene an empathetic atmosphere. Society and people around the world were becoming more open and unbiased about seeing and watching sexuality and nudity. Hitchcock made the shower scene reflect on this by showing the audience a mid shot of Marion bathing her self in the shower. People also started to appreciate a murder as a human and not some repetitive monster. Hitchcock made people appreciate this by showing us a shadowed outline of the murderer as the murder was taking place. However it was a time of rebellion and some people did not like what they saw in Hitchcock's film. ...read more.


People also felt it was strange that Hitchcock actually showed the murder taking place. Other directors would not of allowed their viewers to see or hear the murder. Normally directors would have just focused on the horror of the act. People also thought it was unusual that Hitchcock showed the blood and the knife wounds after the murder had been committed. Other directors would have not shown the blood wounds they would have just shown the frightened corpse at the most. Using all these techniques Hitchcock influenced other directors to include these techniques in their films, which attracted more viewers to watch their film. Hitchcock's film psycho in comparison with over horror films is very strange and different. For one thing Hitchcock hired a very expensive actress and kills her off half way in the film. Other directors would think that this idea was a waste of money but obviously Hitchcock did not think this. Horror films today show a lot more nudity then Hitchcock did in the shower scene of the film psycho. Sharish Rughoo 10L ...read more.

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