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Psycho. The film Psycho would have shocked the audience, when the film was released in 1960. The things in it that would have shocked the audience are the nudity shown on screen, the amount of money involved and Norman Bates being the villain.

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GCSE English Media Assignment The film "Psycho" would have shocked the audience, when the film was released in 1960. The things in it that would have shocked the audience are the nudity shown on screen, the amount of money involved and Norman Bates being the villain. The nudity shown on screen would have shocked the audience because normally at the time the viewers wouldn't see this much nudity. At the beginning Marion is sleeping with Sam to whom she isn't married to and normally in 1960 it would be wrong for a woman to sleep with a man who she's not married to. Also in the shower scene Hitchcock shows most of Marion's body, which was also unusual at the time. The amount of money involved in "Psycho" would have shocked the audience because forty thousand dollars was a lot of money in 1960 and it was unusual to see this amount of cash on screen. Norman Bates would have shocked the audience in 1960 because he is the villain and his usual role is being the hero in a film. He was also considered to be a heartthrob at the time. ...read more.


After he shows the plughole, it merges into Marion's eye. The eye suggests to the audience that she is watching them and also to make audience feel guilty about what has happened. Also in the shower scene suspense of the identity of the murderer is built up. Hitchcock does this by putting woman's clothes on the woman to make it look like a woman. Also the director shows the figure of the murderer, but does not show the face, it is blanked out and is in shadow. Hitchcock also uses camera angles such as a behind the shoulder shot so the audience can't see the face of the murderer. At the end of the scene, Hitchcock shows a panning shot. It begins from the eye, and then goes to the money, then finally the house. The eye is shown to tell the audience that she has died, Also the money is shown to tell the viewers that the money is still there, and Norman didn't kill her for this. At the end is the house to suggest that Normans mother killed Marian. At the end of the panning shot, Hitchcock shows the house in which Norman lives. ...read more.


In the years before 'Psycho', nudity and violence were rarely combined. Some films before it had either one or the other. This has influenced lots of films, for instance, 'Scream 3' (199 ), where a woman is in the shower near to the time of her murder. Also in 'Halloween' (1987), a man naked in the shower is stabbed. In films before 'Psycho', normally when the murder was committed, the screen would go black, and the audience wouldn't hear anything, where as in 'Psycho' they are able to see the figure of the murderer as the murder happens, and they are also able to hear screeching sounds to fit in with the stabbing action. The contemporary films that are related to 'Psycho' because of this include 'Scream', 'Scream 2' (199 ), 'Scream 3', 'Scary movie' (199 ), 'Scary movie 2' ( ), because the audience see and hear the murder taking place. In films that came out before 'Psycho', after the murder had taken place, the director wouldn't show what happened to the body, but in 'Psycho', Hitchcock shows Norman Bates rap the body up in a shower curtain and clean up the blood after it. This has influenced many films, for example 'Jeepers Creepers' ( ) , in which, the killer also raps the bodies in a plastic bag. ...read more.

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