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Reading a TV commercial.

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Reading a TV commercial. The first bit in the advert shows a predominantly red background with dancers silhouetted in the bottom left hand corner. I think that the silhouette is in the corner because that isn't what we are supposed to see. Even though this image shows enjoyment and excitement as the feeling you get from coca-cola, this isn't what they are selling. In the bottom left hand corner as well there is a small logo saying, "dance". The writing in this caption is in much the same style as the coca-cola logo so this and the red could both be the first signs of coca-cola. The second clip is of a hand on a keyboard. As in the last clip, the caption, "dance" is still in the corner. In this piece there is no harsh colours but the main colour is still red. This clip is when the music starts and the hand looks like it is playing the adverts theme. Music and dance play a big part in this commercial and this shows excitement and moving around that shows you can never be still. The camera focuses on the black and white of the piano keys. This could be to suggest the contrast between the feeling that you get from coca-cola and any other drink suggesting coca-cola is unique. ...read more.


This could be appealing to some people because they like standing out. The twelfth shot is of four disco/bar dancers with laser lights in the background. This shot is very futuristic to show that coca-cola can do anything. The laser lights in the background fan out gradually as they get to the top. This could be signifying the multiplying of the effect coca-cola has on people. The blue colour could characterize the coolness of coca-cola and that it is best when it is cold. This dissertation Number thirteen shows a CU hand opening a bottle of coca-cola. The clip shows ice and water bursting off the bottle. This is showing you that the effect of coca-cola is very immediate, sudden and very refreshing. This could move people into buying the product because of the sudden effect and people want things that happen quickly. Shot number fourteen is of a woman on a phone with a bottle of coca-cola in her hand. She is plainly very excited about something because of the look on her face and the way she is moving around with a lot of energy. It is very clear from this clip of the advert and others that coca-cola gives you enormous amounts of energy and is very exciting. This image will sell mostly to the younger market (like teenagers) ...read more.


The whole advert suggests movement and liveliness and obviously this is the supposed effect that coca-cola has on you. People will be grabbed by the suddenness of each shot and the way the advert "shouts out" at you to go and buy the product, because if you do you will be immediately transformed into a person who hasn't got a care in the world and has bags of energy. We get the impression that coca-cola can be an uplifting experience for people who are down and it can add to a feeling of pleasure if they are already enjoying themselves. The sound track on the advert goes very well with the image of dancing and energy that the advert portrays. The sound track is very lively. Most adverts music is just there for effect but the music in this advert plays a very important role and without it the advert would not work. Music for some adverts would not have words in either but this one does. This could be because there is no other speaking in the advert and this is to get the message across instead of having lots of talking over it and spoiling the advert. Also a song is catchier than a voice and people will remember a song more easily than a voice over. Altogether with the music and shots the advert is altogether is very lively and this is what the coca-cola company wanted to show as the effects of the product. ...read more.

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