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Representation and stereotypes in mainstream films

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Representation Examples of representation from 6 films viewed 1. About a boy: - How does it reinforce stereotypes? In About a boy, the opening portrays Hugh Grant as a male stereotype. It shows that he's easy going, is into technology by seeing all the flashy modern appliances in his house and he likes to drive his sports car fast. When he is at his friends house he doesn't really show any interest in their children going along with the fact that men don't show much interest towards them. It shows a stereotypical family because the couple are happily married with children. It also shows that he likes getting drunk and having sex showing no emotion towards woman. It shows him breaking up with a number of females quickly showing that it is always the men that do it. The film also gives a clear stereotype of single mothers portraying them to be desperate and looking after kids by themselves. 2. ...read more.


This shows that men are attracted to all stereotypical women. It is challenging because the man is actually a gentlemen where as the woman is at a lower class and is rude towards him. When the woman gets in the flashy car she is the one telling him how to drive it and she end s up driving it for him. This is a challenging aspect because stereotypical men are shown to know lots about cars whereas women know nothing. Overall this extract plays along with the stereotypical woman but does challenge it. 4. Fight Club:- How are men represented? Representation of male body? In the extract of Fight Club it represents men as typical stereotypes. It shows this when you see 2 men fighting for no reason but just for a hobby and for there own amusement showing that men enjoy violence. It shows that when they fight they are very competitive in what they do and really want to win. When they are at Fight Club there is a lot of swearing and smoking portraying a typical male stereotype. ...read more.


It also shows that the 2 women are the bad guys and that they can cope through life without men challenging the dominant ideology in a way that in real life woman need men and normally are innocent and harmless. 6. Mrs Doubtfire:- Representation of gender In the extract of Mrs Doubtfire it challenges the representation of a male at the beginning. It is challenging because the man cooks and cleans in his apartment and he loves to be with his children. This is challenging because the typical male stereotype would never clean or cook and would rather go out all the time than be with his children. When the children are at home the mother asks them what dress to wear out so she can look very sexy towards the opposite sex supporting the typical stereotype of a woman. Mrs Doubtfire the nanny suggests that she wears a far more traditional dress that would be more appropriate to her taste. This also supports the stereotype of an old person. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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